Friends of the deceased Tim brick: “He was a kind and generous”

Друзья о скончавшемся Тиме Брике: «Он был добрый и щедрый» Today is exactly a year since the death of a talented producer. “StarHit” contacted friends and colleagues brick and learned how he remained in their hearts. Prokhor Chaliapin, Dana Borisova and many others still do not believe that the young man was no longer alive.

      4 February 2016, has left the life of a talented producer Tim BRIC. He has worked with many Russian stars: Prohor Shalyapin, Sergey Zverev, Anastasia Stotskaya, Eugenia Feofilaktova. As it became known in April, Tim, died from the effects of the disease. The life of a 29-year-old promoter was tragically cut short in the clinic, a renowned plastic surgeon, where he arrived in company with their friends.

      The tragic death of tims brick. Investigation “StarHit”

      As found later, the young man suffered from diabetes. It zabolevanie and heart problems had caused the early demise of the brick. Such a conclusion was issued by the coroner. However, for many colleagues and friends of Tim are still alive in their hearts. “StarHit” talked to people who knew the producer, and they told about the most vivid memories associated with it.

      Prokhor Chaliapin remembers very well a time when he was familiar with Both. The artist was one of the first who learned of his death. Obviously, for the singer, this news was a real shock. According to Shalyapin, nothing could portend trouble, because the day before the death of the brick and they agreed to meet to discuss the plans. But this did not happen. A year later, Prokhorov said with a warm other.

      “I remember a walk in the city garden on Prospekt Mira. It was a lot of flowers. Then went to the restaurant. And almost got in a fight, who is going to pay. He was so generous that he could not allow another to pay. Still can’t believe he’s dead. I pray for him, remember and love” – so says about the left friend Prokhor Chaliapin.

      Anna Kalashnikov also can’t forget how 4 Feb not was her PR Manager, who was her good friend and Advisor. According to the memoirs of the model, it had a great influence, helped re-evaluate many things in life and start moving in the right direction.

      “This day impossible to forget. This whole year has been very hard without your support. I know you rejoice in my victories and successes, because we so wanted! Go forward on our plans, working on his first solo album and other projects. I know you’re with us and help me, sometimes I hear your favorite phrase: “Anka, you’re cool!” And, frankly, many of the ideas I come up with suddenly and easily. Could it be you?” – shared his thoughts Kalashnikov.

      A former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Natalia Bican was one of the first who met Tima. The young man had always supported her. Even when we did not succeed in show business, was ready to do everything to the person was easy.

      According to the girl, he taught her to speak English and instilled a taste in clothes. According to Natasha, Tim helped to find your own style. Bichan, says that even their fights were ridiculous. “I am very glad that life brought me to such a wonderful person. He taught me how in Moscow to survive, how to enjoy every day and be happy”, – said Natalia with “StarHit”.

      “In 2009 he met me during the first visit to the capital. We had a lot of funny situations. I remember I went to drama school and was going to go to Vyborg, but the money for the ticket was not. Tim then worked as a conductor on the train Moscow-Saint-Petersburg. He drove me the fare so I could meet mom. Kept me from the head of the train. But he saw me, and Tim said I’m the new waitress. Brick even got my young people”, – told Bijan.

      Dana Borisova, who worked with brick, also wrote a post about a loved one on the anniversary of his death. According to the presenter, it is a lot in common with Both. The woman noted that the young man knew more about it than other people.

      “The years I worked with him, were the happiest in my life. Happened different: and quarrels, and walk together until the morning of the Patriarchal, and I’ll never forget it. Native, I think about you every day and always get tears in my eyes. We met in fits and starts, but he alone knew the whole truth about my life and carried it with him,” said the presenter.

      For many relatives and buddies tims brick the man’s death was the most serious shock. A friend of producer Jack remembers that he was always generous and never let the girl alone to pay for itself.

      “Tim, I remember how insanely attentive man, who loved to talk, with me spent all my free time. The first call was from the timy brick. Sometimes were together 24 hours a day. We even went with him to relax. He seduced me to go with him to the sea. We have seen the sunrise in Tunis, then went for a walk along the promenade. He was very generous. Tim paid for it all himself. Couldn’t let a girl did something. If he had money it was our money. He gave me a 40-50 bouquets of roses. For the first time Tim came to me with a bouquet of bears and two bottles of wine. He wanted me to remember him,” said a friend of brick’s Jack.

      Jack also admitted that many stars, learning about the death of tims, quickly disown znakomostva with him. This greatly upset her, and relatives of the brick. According to a friend of brick, Anna Kalashnikov and Prokhor Chaliapin in the most critical moment was near and supported me as I could.