Friends of the actor of the series “Last of Magician” preparing a libel suit

Близкие актера сериала «Последний из Магикян» готовят иск о клевете They do not believe in the testimony of Inna Volkova Gusengadzhiev against Mukhtar, who was sentenced to 22 years. While surovy prigovor not entered into the snare, you can appeal. Mukhtar thanked for their support.
Близкие актера сериала «Последний из Магикян» готовят иск о клевете

53-year-old actor and yoga master Mukhtar was sentenced to 22 years in strict regime colony. Artist accused that he was involved in molesting children. The gusengajiev was in jail in 2015, while the investigation proceeded. Eve Tagansky court has ruled. The meeting was held behind closed doors because the case featured adult.

“Yet we are all shocked, just shocked. For a start, we ask not to make any hasty conclusions. All this dirt that appeared on the Internet… I would Like to say briefly: do not believe,” say relatives of the Mukhtar who supported him in court.

A woman named Inna Volkova, with whom the actor lived for some time in a Studio apartment on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment accused him that he had molested her daughter. During a search allegedly found a video of these scenes.

One of the familiar stars of the TV series believes that she specifically started proceedings against Gusengadzhiev.

“I can say that Inna has its own benefits. Mukhtar not to blame in any episode in which he is accused. My opinion is – it’s all slander. Most importantly, that the evidence of guilt, the investigation was conducted with gross violations,” – said one of the supporters of the actor.

Surrounded by Mukhtar rumor has it that so Inna decided to take revenge on him for what he helped her solve the housing problem.

While the movie star was in jail, he had not violated the order. His admirers said that yoga master continued to cultivate even behind bars. The gusengajiev warmed up, read, write and draw. He was not aggressive both in relation to inmates, and to staff of the Butyrka.

Sam Mukhtar left for fans of a note, the meaning of which I understand only those who are familiar with his philosophy. “This situation is temporary and a barrier to my dream is not. Thanks to all who unknowingly helped me to make amazing discoveries and raised me on all those that was valuable to me. Further, the my life better. All this, soon everyone will know. With a huge sincere respect, Mukhtar,” – said in a statement.

Until the court decision entered into force, the defense plans to appeal. Talking to reporters of “Moskovskiy Komsomolets”, the representatives of the initiative group explained that it was not in a hurry with the official statements.