Знакомые принца Гарри объявили о его помолвке Rumor has it that the heir to the British throne will report good news in the beginning of winter. About it journalists were told by the former chef of the Royal family, Darren McGrady. The man is sure that Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle got engaged.
Знакомые принца Гарри объявили о его помолвке

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is one of the most talked about couples in the world. Fans of the star of the series “Force majeure” looking forward to when her relationship with the heir to the British throne will pass to a new level. According to rumors, the young people all so serious, which is not far off the wedding. Whether this is so is anyone’s guess. Recently the former chef of the Royal family, Darren McGrady gave an interview to the popular British glossy publication. In the opinion of men, Markle has already received an offer of marriage, but prefers not to share the joyous event ahead of time.

“I am absolutely convinced that Harry and Megan already engaged. August 31 will mark exactly 20 years since the death of Princess Diana, it’s not the best time for engagement, in November wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, is also a bad time for such statements. Accordingly, to announce the happy news to Harry and Megan will be able in December,” said McGrady.
Знакомые принца Гарри объявили о его помолвке

Then, according to Darren, the actress will spend Christmas together with the Royal family in the family estate of Queen Elizabeth II Sandringham in Norfolk. The man believes that Princess Diana would have liked the choice of his son.

“Harry picked a girl very similar to her mother. Kate Middleton – beautiful, hardworking and does exactly what it needs to do in her position. And Megan is natural and alive, as Diana. She is great with children, she has a compassion for people, as was Diana. I think she’s amazing! Harry sees his mother, and he likes it,” shared a former employee of the monarchs.

Recall that Darren McGrady prepared meals for the Royal family for fifteen years. He was the personal chef of Princess Diana. In 1998, a man decided to leave Buckingham Palace and continued to do what he likes.

Earlier in the press appeared information about the fact that Prince Harry is preparing for lady luxurious gift. Foreign tabloids reported that the young man ordered for bride luxurious ring, which supposedly will be made from the bracelet, which once belonged to Princess Diana. For the work came from the Royal jeweller Harry Collins. According to the calculations of journalists, decoration, decorated platinum and sarudama, will be the heir to the British throne in 100 thousand pounds sterling.