Друзья Олега Яковлева простятся с артистом 1 июля
Nadia Handle, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov, Kirill Andreev, Irina Dubtsova, Anna Kalashnikov and other artists lamenting the loss of the former soloist “ivanushek”.

Друзья Олега Яковлева простятся с артистом 1 июля

Oleg Yakovlev

Photo: Instagram

Friends of Oleg Yakovlev, who died this morning in a
Moscow clinic, still can’t believe what happened. Irina Dubtsova
not found the words to Express the depth of his grief. She only had the strength,
to place beautiful black and white photo of the artist with the years of his birth
and death.

Anna Kalashnikov, talking on the phone with 7days.ru not
unable to hold back the tears. “So bright… So pure… I Have no words, I’m in shock. To
I still can’t believe this is happening. Because recently we are together
had fun at the presentation of his video for the song “Mania”. Then, he was vigorous, full
ideas. He really wanted to release a solo album. Never got the chance. So many plans,
so many thoughts…”

Anna Semenovich familiar with Oleg, remembered how
Yakovlev rescued her at work and what support was in life. “Olie was a hero
many of my programs, — says the singer. — He came to visit us with Misha
Plotnikov on “the Lady and the cook”, he even played the role of my husband in “the Wife
rent”. He was always smiling and believe in the best. It is very difficult to lose such

Mourns the extinguished star and former colleague at the S.
the group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle. “My such a sweet, dear, talented friend! —
the singer wrote on the social network page. — You will not share with
me your new poems.. I feel sorry for all of us that we’ll never see you again and very
miss you!”

But most of all now worried colleagues in the group “Ivanushki”
Kirill Andreev and Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov, who are familiar with Oleg more
twenty years… Both singers are in shock. “We have lived on the road for some 15 years,
traveled and spread all over the earth ball together….” — sad Kirill Andreev. “Oleg Yakovlev… My Yasha… Our “little” Olezhka… — wrote in the microblog Andrew. — Fly,
Snegirek! Your voice and songs will forever remain in our hearts.”

Edition 7days.ru expresses the family and friends the most sincere
condolences. A farewell ceremony will be held on the first of July in 12 hours
Troekurov’s house “Necropolis”.

Kirill Andreev, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov, Oleg Yakovlev