Друзья Олега Табакова рассказали о его упорной борьбе с раком A close friend of the family confirmed the rumors that Oleg Pavlovich was cancer. The Studio program “Tonight,” the woman openly talked about Tabakova and his fight with the disease.
Друзья Олега Табакова рассказали о его упорной борьбе с раком

Oleg Tabakov died 12 March this year. He died in the First city hospital, which came three months ago. All this time information about the health of actor in the media has been very controversial. Wrote that he had pneumonia, said that problems with the teeth and, as a result of a failed dental surgery, sepsis – blood poisoning. Sounded such medical terms as “medical coma” and “deep stun”. Later the official version of the death of Oleg Tabakov called the heart attack cardiac arrest.

In the Studio of the First channel in the programme “Tonight”, a close friend of the family Tabakova Julia Puzyreva lifted the veil of secrecy and told what illness fought actor the last five years of his life.

Julia Puzyreva on the program devoted to memory of Oleg Pavlovich has delegated the widow of the Maestro – the actress Marina Zudina. For obvious reasons she could not yet go public, as expressed by the presenter of the program Yulia Menshova, “friends need time to experience the bitterness of loss.” “Marina asked me to come – said the woman – because she is with a great respect for the program and understands that the extra people here today will not.” What Yulia has trusted to tell about the illness of the head of the Moscow art Theater. She frankly told me that five years ago Tabakov was diagnosed with cancer.

Друзья Олега Табакова рассказали о его упорной борьбе с раком“Five years ago, in the great family of Oleg Pavlovich and Marina has a stroke of fate – Oleg Pavlovich was sick. Now you can talk about it – he was diagnosed with complex cancer. But he did not accept it and was not discouraged. Only once, when he had problems with his legs, as if he was scared: “How? I won’t be able to go on stage?” And the disease has receded. And stepped back, I can say only thanks to the support of the Marina. She did it all. And it is in these five years, never lost his temper. She arranged for the treatment, she travelled with him all these years. Five years, during which time he managed and the scene new to access, and engage in the College and children,” said a friend of the family Julia.
Друзья Олега Табакова рассказали о его упорной борьбе с раком

It also vspomnila how generally cheerful person was Oleg Pavlovich as he was attentive to the people around him. The woman told the Studio program a few years ago the whole family was on the verge of death, almost died in a plane crash, but tobacco seemed to feel that the time is not yet.

Друзья Олега Табакова рассказали о его упорной борьбе с раком“A few years ago we flew in a helicopter: I, Marina, Oleg and Masha (daughter Tabakov and Suginoi). Caught in a snow storm. Even the pilot was the white face – it was scary. Tobacco and said, “All right.” When sat, we had a crazed state, and he came up and said, “I told you before to die, I have a new scene open,” – said Puzyreva.

Julia sincerely admire how wife Tabakova Marina endured all the blows of fate. According to Pozarevac, she tried never to leave her beloved husband – hundred, as it turned out, the last days, which he spent in the hospital. “She wouldn’t let nurses, she carried out the procedure, cared, helped. Marina to the last was near. Told me: “I’m not going anywhere, I’d do anything for him, I will care, let alone live…”.