Friends of Dmitry Nagiyev told about his clandestine meetings

Друзья Дмитрия Нагиева рассказали о его тайных свиданиях The actor never had exemplary behavior. On the eve of the 50th anniversary Nagiyev his school mates told why future movie star did not like to go to school, wore long hair and constantly changing girls.

      Друзья Дмитрия Нагиева рассказали о его тайных свиданиях

      The host of the show “the Voice. Children” April 4 is turning 50. And in two weeks the car will be released Comedy “the Kitchen. The last stand” with his participation. Nagiev engaged in popular designs, and it brings him good dividends: in 2016, Dmitry has become the most secured actor in Russia, according to Forbes magazine. Probably such achievements surprised the former teachers of Saint-Petersburg school №126, which in the early 1980s taught Nagiyev.

      In fact, in recognition of a classmate Nikolai Makarov, who was sitting with Dima at the same Desk, he received mostly threes and occasionally fours. “Because of this, Dima had to transfer out of the school, located next to the house and he went from 1st to 9th grade, our, 126th, – says Nikolay. – In those days it used to happen often: the teacher brought the careless student until 9th grade, and then say, well, then go to the vocational school. Nagiyev such a prospect is not satisfied, and he changed school, resulting in two years of riding on the tram quite a distance from home”.

      Rock lesson

      Друзья Дмитрия Нагиева рассказали о его тайных свиданиях

      According to classmates, thirst for knowledge Nagiyev was not, but he’s not “scoring” to study, not to slip into losers. Diligently did a minimal job, in order not to attract the attention of the teachers. However, it is poorly managed… gorgeous hair! According to Nicholas, a thick MOP of curly hair Nagiyev, to get him to his shoulders, worried the teachers, and they constantly made comments: “Dima, get a haircut!”

      “But where there is, after all, if wearing long hair was fashionable – continues to Makarov. – However, I decided to do it a few – the school of the explosion at the pasta factory was not approved. Perhaps, similar hairstyles, and the cause of our friendship – I at that time also wore long hair, but they were direct. And, of course, played the role of music preferences – we both trudged from the rock.”
      Друзья Дмитрия Нагиева рассказали о его тайных свиданиях

      With several classmates Makarov founded the group and once suggested to a friend to come to rehearsal in the auditorium. He enthusiastically accepted the invitation. But the question arose: what Harvey will do in the team? At that time every teenage boy knew how to strum the guitar, but he was the exception. Due to the fact that others in the group were busy drummer and keyboardist, Nagiyev was invited to be the singer and future actor readily agreed, but… His fuse had only one rehearsal. “Singing a few rock songs, Dima decided that the singer he himself, and, frustrated, went home, – says Nikolay. – However, the incident did not stop us every two or three days to hang out at his or my house and listen to favorite rock.

      Друзья Дмитрия Нагиева рассказали о его тайных свиданиях

      When I was visiting family Dima, I was amazed with a perfect cleanliness in the apartment. And the friend’s room was the epitome of order: books one to one, on the Desk spotless, the bed was made without a single wrinkle”. Nicholas notes that to appearance young Nagiyev treated with increased attention.

      “School uniform he always wore a perfectly ironed, and the shirt under it is invariably boil-and-white with a clean starched collar, – said Makarov. – I can say without exaggeration that Nagiev was dressed neater than anyone in her class, despite the fact that the form he followed, not handled the room service and the Laundry on the shoulders of the mother. Such pedantry has attracted the attention of our classmates – every single one of them felt for Nagiyev sympathy. And how else, after all he was very attractive. Plus the famous nagaevsky humor, which even then began to break out…”

      Blonde around the corner

      The stories Makarov, the combination of all the above allowed Dima to enjoy success with the female to whom he was shown great interest.

      Dmitriy Nagiev on the controversial write about women: “I this masterpiece did not write”

      “However, the classmates each lasted not as objects of passion, chose to pull their pigtails, and put on the chairs pushpin, – says Nikolay. But loved to have fun on the street. When we went somewhere, Nagiyev could not leave without attention to any one cute girl. Only had time to primitivity: “nick, look at the legs on that blonde! But the dark one is hot!” And immediately did not hesitate to come: “Good day! I loved you…” Is a mutual attraction ladies to Dima and Dima to the ladies led to the fact that Nagiyev almost every day, went on dates with different dates. However, what they were told – thought it was indecent. Serious novels he was not – at least in the two years that we talked, the girls did not stay next to each other for longer than a week.”