Friends of Dmitri Hvorostovsky showed how the actor looked shortly before his death

Близкие Дмитрия Хворостовского показали, как артист выглядел незадолго до смерти
Opera singer in his childhood dreaming of another profession.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky


Yesterday the press published an interview of the father and cousin of Dmitri Hvorostovsky. In memory of him close shared his archival photographs and revealed a little secret baritone.

The media was originally published as baby pictures of Dmitry Alexandrovich, and footage, taken shortly before his departure in October last year. It is known that for a month before the idol of millions died at his house in London was the celebration of his birthday. To congratulate Hvorostovsky came more than 30 people. In the pictures the baritone looks much changed because of progressive disease. Many expressed the Network that would like to see these sad pictures. Thus, it should be noted, surrounded by his loved ones he obviously felt happy. Images for Dmitry, despite his illness, as always, smiling. His children, the singer bequeathed a legacy of optimism: since his childhood he taught them that you need to smile even in the most difficult moments.

The relatives of Dmitry Alexandrovich told about how he was made his fateful choice. According to the revelations of the father and the brother, Dmitri dreamed of becoming a doctor. His bright future was decided by chance. “Dmitry’s mom was standing at the bus stop and waited for the bus. If the first approach in the direction of the medical Institute, he will become a doctor, but if in the direction of the art Institute, the artist. Fortunately, the first came right bus. Although on the day the documents at the Institute had not picked up, they said that you need special music education. Then dad “took Dima by the arm” and took the Musical – pedagogical College im. Gorky. The exams at that time have already passed and only thanks to the talent of Dmitry and perseverance of Alexander Stepanovich was an exception…” — quoted

Recall that the widow of Hvorostovsky Florence recently frankly admitted that he could not yet come to terms with the departure of a loved one. She considers the days spent without him, and in his old photos. When her husband died, Florence at first I could not even write to hear the voice of Dimitri. Only recently she went out of her and watched a documentary about his life and career — “Dmitri Hvorostovsky. The score of success.” “I was able to watch it entirely. This is the first time I listened to his recordings from the time of death. I love you, Dima!” — shared Florence.

Recall that Hvorostovsky has long struggled with a fatal disease. That he has cancer of the brain, became known in the summer of 2015. Was a successful operation that are assigned to multiple courses of chemotherapy. It seemed that he would be able to defeat the cancer, even the doctors called it a “miracle.” But hopes were dashed: on the morning of 22 November last year, Hvorostovsky did not.

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