Friends of Alexander, dedushka remembered about the last days of his life

Друзья Александра Дедюшко вспомнили о последних днях его жизни 10 years ago the actor died with his wife and son in a car accident. Colleagues Alexander dedjushko spoke about his passion for cars in the program “Once”. According to relatives, the actor was incredibly sincere and honest man.
Друзья Александра Дедюшко вспомнили о последних днях его жизни

3 Nov 2007 the actor Alexander dedjushko got in a terrible car accident. The artist, his wife and son died on the spot. The news of the tragedy was a real shock to all his friends, because dedushka passionately loved cars and was considered an experienced driver.

Actor Nikolai chindyaikin remembered with some admiration, dedushka talked about buying the car, which crashed a few years later.

“We talked a lot about the simple things. About furnishing the apartment, buying a car. This unfortunate car, I remember very well. He ran to the set, in paints told about the car and literally forced me to sit behind the wheel,” recalled the chindyaikin.
Друзья Александра Дедюшко вспомнили о последних днях его жизни

He stressed that dedushka always charged with positivity all around. The actor was able to look optimistically at life’s troubles, and bribed his many friends.Alexander had a lot of plans for the future, and therefore, his death shocked friends and colleagues.

“I remember he bought a plot somewhere in the South. Wanted to have a farm of horses to breed. I don’t understand why to buy property so far from Moscow? And he said, “Yes, you! Got in the car once and there.” The cars he loved, and death eventually took over from his horse,” recalls the actor Michael Zhigalov.
Друзья Александра Дедюшко вспомнили о последних днях его жизни

For many years Alexander lived with his wife and son in a communal apartment. In the program “Once” was presented last interview of the actor. In the course of conversation with reporters, the movie star admitted that he is not envious of the wealth of colleagues on the set. Its quite satisfied with a modest apartment, located in one of the residential areas of Moscow.

Recently, the first wife, dedushka frankly told about family problems. According to the ex-wife of actor, their common daughter has not got any inheritance from the father. All the real estate of Alexander eventually moved to the relatives of his second wife.

Relatives Alexander, dedushka deprived his daughter of an inheritance

Despite the fact that dedushka died tragically ten years ago, his fans still remember the actor and review the tape with his participation. The man managed to appear in over 30 films and television series, earning domestic fame as a sex symbol.