Friends Nina Doroshina revealed the truth about her seclusion

Знакомые Нины Дорошиной раскрыли правду о ее затворничестве Last weekend, the famous actor died in his apartment in Moscow. Shortly before his death, Nina Doroshina complained of heart issues. The neighbors heard the screams of the actress and rushed to the rescue, but to save her failed.
Знакомые Нины Дорошиной раскрыли правду о ее затворничестве

21 APR died, people’s artist of the RSFSR Nina Doroshina. The star of the film Vladimir Menshov “Love and pigeons” has died on 84-m to year of life. In recent months, Doroshina are constantly complaining about health problems. Shortly before his death, Nina Mikhailovna was again wrong and she called the doctors, but refused hospitalization. Celebrity dedicated edition of the program “Let them talk”. In the Studio gathered colleagues and neighbors Dorosini, who shared their memories of her.

During the life of Nina was very reluctant to speak about personal things. Children the actress was replaced by nephews, with whom she was on the short leg. Doroshina believed that he will definitely recover and get back to work. It so happened that the star died alone. Recently the editors of the program “Let speak” I agreed with the artist for an interview. Then one could not think that soon Doroshina will not.

“It really rocked. Five months later she hasn’t left the house. She left realizing that we need,” – said the journalist Mariana said Shah.
Знакомые Нины Дорошиной раскрыли правду о ее затворничестве

The newscast showed footage of the actress, taken when she was in the hospital. Doroshina was full of plans and set appointments. “I’ll recover, come to work a normal person. Come to the theater, I teach at school, come in to my students. Get better, and then please, will talk”, – told reporters the star.

Alexander Mikhailov, who played with Nina’s mother in the film “Love and doves” also appeared in the Studio. A week and a half to death Doroshina communicated with a colleague on the phone. “She was a cheerful voice. Said he misses the students and the theatre. Believed that everything will be fine,” – said Mikhailov. According to the artist, Nina has always been optimistic and avoided talking about their illness.

“She was so positive that it reaches pathology. Smiling, he said that everything is fine. She had a huge rod… I knew she had surgery, but did not allow himself to ask about the “pain” things, and she tried not to tell. We treated each other with respect”, – said Alexander Yakovlevich.
Знакомые Нины Дорошиной раскрыли правду о ее затворничестве

On Dorosini there were rumors that she was a private man and avoids to make new friends. Journalist Mariana said Shah told that the actress, on the contrary, happy to go on contact. “I realized that this man needed help. She said, “Only you call me, call necessarily”. Nina said that the niece lives in another city,” said the girl.

The administrator of the theater “Contemporary” Alexander Sidelnikov added that Doroshina talked a small number of people. Many of those who were friends with Nina Mikhailovna died. “She complained that almost no one is calling” – shared Sidelnikov. Actress Elena Skorokhodova said that Doroshina helped neighbors.

“She wasn’t alone. With my niece Olesya Nina supported the communication on the phone, she treated her like a daughter. I, too, was connected. The whole house helped her. I can’t say that she was one”, – said the artist.
Знакомые Нины Дорошиной раскрыли правду о ее затворничестве

Galina Sazonova believes that Doroshina was “a wonderful man”. “She was very much like her heroines. Direct, bright, open. Of course, it lacked communication, but she wasn’t totally alone. She had to visit, for example, my student Ksenia Baburkina lately very much to it went. The students with whom she worked continued to visit her,” – shared the actress.

The neighbors star, who heard her calling for help shortly before his death, joined the discussion in the broadcast transmission. According to them, Doroshina rarely left the house, but not the impression of the unfortunate man.

“April 21 at 10 a.m., I heard cries for help coming from the apartment of Nina Mikhailovna. I entered the apartment, the door was open, she was lying on the bed. It looks like she’s having a heart attack. I asked, can I help and what happened. But she was unable to coherently speak. Tried to talk to her, find out what hurts, however, it quickly became worse. She didn’t react to me. Realized that seconds count,” – says Eugene Chaplin.
Знакомые Нины Дорошиной раскрыли правду о ее затворничестве

A concerned man called the ambulance. A neighbor star has decided to leave her with my wife, and I went downstairs to meet the paramedics. “And calling me Daria and reports that Nina seems to be no longer breathing,” – said Eugene. When he, along with specialists had climbed up the actress ceased to give life signs. Experts stated the death of the artist. Daria confirmed that Nina died in her arms.

Знакомые Нины Дорошиной раскрыли правду о ее затворничестве“When Jack went into the ambulance, I sat on the bed and took her hand. Tried to talk to her, but she did not respond. Her breath started to weaken. At some point I stopped feeling her pulse. It was very scary, I prayed that the ambulance had,” recalls a young woman.

Eugene added that the whole house knew Doroshina. “Very often it came from the grocery and hardware stores, bring necessary food and things,” said the neighbor of the actress. A colleague of Nina Mikhailovna had brought her pieces of theatre. “She was saving, was looking. Three weeks ago, showed her the text. She sat down and leafed through a few pages. Said, “Well, why do you again offer me the role of an old woman?” – was told by the administrator “Contemporary” Sidelnikov.