Friends Kuzmin has told how he cheated on Pugacheva

Друзья Кузьмина рассказали, как он изменял Пугачевой The diva did not conceal an affair with the musician. Many years later, friends of the pair shared the secrets about the connection of Alla Pugacheva and Vladimir Kuzmin. According to relatives, the artist is not cheated on the singer, causing her great pain.
Друзья Кузьмина рассказали, как он изменял Пугачевой

A whirlwind romance of Alla Pugacheva and Vladimir Kuzmin became a bright page in the biography of two musicians. “Kuzmin, I loved, I loved him. And my husband fought for me as he could,” described their relationship itself is a Diva, at that time married to Eugene Boldin. The singer did literally everything for her favourite: gave the artist a foreign guitar, helped in the organization of concerts. However, Kuzmin paid more attention to creativity than beloved. So the novel two stars was short-lived and soon disappeared.

“He always loved first and foremost the music. And women allowed themselves to love. My friend, close friend Alla Pugacheva, told how bitterly cried Alla, when Kuzmin after a two-year Roman told her that he loved another. She knew that she would not be able to keep that violent nature. But she suffered because of the break, because I really loved this man,” — said one of the friends of Vladimir, actress Victoria Lazic.

According to the composer Yuri Cherniavsky, Pugacheva adores Vladimir. She called him Hugo, and do not hesitate that spent a lot of time not with a lawful husband and with her lover. That’s just the musician was not so attached to her and not once allowed himself to infidelity.

“The amazing thing is that, when Kuzmin was spinning with her love, another woman walked from it pregnant. There was such a case. He resorts to our home with Joe, and says to me: “Tanja, give urgently socks new with label”. I can not understand what happened. She said, “I’mina his civil wife gives birth, she needs to bring socks, we are now in the hospital go on.” I asked: “And who gives birth? Tania Artemyeva?” – “Yes, what Tanya, you! With Tanya it in the divorce.” In General, after the first wife had some. But most importantly, in romantic relations with Alla from Kuzmin was also a fleeting relationship with a black girl in a hotel in Rostov-on-don, where he was on tour. She also gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Nicole. The girl already adult, lives in America, speaks no Russian and only a few years ago met her father. Kuzmin has always lacked fervor to turn at the same time with several women,” — said Tatiana.

Recently Kuzmin again left his wife. He divorced Catherine, as reported in Twitter. She ex-wife of the actor is not willing to comment on their breakup. “I don’t want to talk about anything. We have decided not comment on anything,” said Catherine, the journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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