Friends granddaughter Platon Lebedev mourn her passing

Друзья внучки Платона Лебедева скорбят о ее кончине Journalists report that the children of rich parents staged a race in Switzerland. One of the participants of the competition was the granddaughter of Platon Lebedev Diana. 19-year-old girl died in a car crash along with his companion.

    In mass media appeared information that the 19-year-old granddaughter Platon Lebedev Diana died in a car accident. The tragedy occurred in Switzerland on the way from Lugano to Geneva. According to journalists, the car, which was Lebedev, fell from the bridge. The bodies found at the bottom of the lake. Companion of Diana, a 23-year-old man, also died. It is known that he was driving the car.

    Journalists reported that the cause of death Lebedeva and her friend began the race, which organized young people on the Swiss track. The car that was carrying Diana and her friend, left the road and struck a fence. The mangled car was lifted from the bottom of the lake Lugano with a crane and several rescue vessels.

    Friends and acquaintances Diana leave comments to posts girls, in whom mourn her passing. The latest publication in the microblog Lebedeva was made one week ago in Zurich. “Our girl, rest in peace”, “the Kingdom of heaven, angel”, “Sleep tight”, “Earth to you down, sunshine”, “Like yesterday I remember the days when you saw”, “I do Not believe that you are no more in the world. Diana, you’re in my memory forever remains the ten-year-old girl, which I first saw you on the porch”, “Simply impossible to believe. She was my classmate. Looking at your pictures, and how you live”, “Very sorry. Such magnificent, beautiful and young,” write subscribers girls.

    Recall that seven years ago in Switzerland was also organized illegal races, which angered all the local people. Participated in “majors” of Russia, among which were the heirs of the tycoon Telman Ismailov. As a result of competitions for young people a major accident, in which suffered 70-the summer pensioner. Then an elderly man was taken to intensive care in serious condition.

    Platon Lebedev, a businessman, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of group “Menatep” and the defendant in a criminal case of Yukos. He was arrested in 2003, together with Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Lebedev had served ten and a half years in a penal colony. The man was accused of tax evasion, embezzlement of oil and legalization of illegally obtained funds. In 2014, the accused was released, and the year before was pardoned Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

    Under the first Yukos case, the court imposed Lebedev debt in the amount of 17 billion rubles. According to journalists, the businessman is the beneficiary of several trusts. In 2016, Lebedev again entered the list of 200 richest Russians, along with his former colleague Mikhail Khodorkovsky.