Friends Evgenia Feofilaktova declassified her lover

Друзья Евгении Феофилактовой рассекретили ее избранника The man has managed to meet the son of a star “Houses-2”. Eugene Feofilaktova not in a hurry to introduce fans of the beloved. As it turned out, her ex-husband Anton Gusev also heard about it from Daniel.
Друзья Евгении Феофилактовой рассекретили ее избранника

Last year Eugenia Feofilaktova divorced with her husband Anton Gusev. The former participant “Houses-2” will slay then found happiness in his personal life – he fell in love with Victoria romanet and summer in the utmost secrecy, were married with the beloved. In contrast to the former spouse of Eugene was in no hurry to rush headlong into a new relationship. According to her, she, first, thought about the upbringing of his son Daniel, and not about how quickly to marry again. Despite the fact that her attention was looking for different men, a young woman cared only about the child. Eugene Feofilaktova: “even today Can get married”

However, as it turned out, the heart of Feofilaktova was able to conquer the 32-year-old businessman David Avanesyan. As it turned out, they “brought” the children – son men engaged in the same sports section, and Daniel.

“David is not like Anton. They have quite a different attitude. Avanesyan refers to his Wife with great tenderness. The sons of the guys, Daniel and mark go to the football, they became friends and often spend time together,” – said surrounded by Eugenia.
Друзья Евгении Феофилактовой рассекретили ее избранника

Feofilaktova she is in no hurry to inform the fans about changes in his personal life. In conversation with reporters, she only notes that are very happy. Apparently, the star of “House-2” serious about affair with a man and even introduced him to my son. As it turned out, ex-husband of a young woman, too, in the course of her novel, the child told the dad that spends time with new boyfriend mom.

“When I take Daniel for the weekend, my son says that they with mother were David, riding in the car with him and so on. I know that Jack refers to raising a child responsibly and will not acquaint him with anyone. I’ve heard that she has adequately grown man. I’m just glad. Personally, we don’t, I think it is worth doing only when Eugene decides to marry him,” – says Anton Gusev.

As found by the journalists of the newspaper “Дом2Life”, Avanesyan has a few debts he had not paid the fines and did not pay with a credit payment for the sum more than hundred thousand rubles.