Friends Buzova confirmed her divorce with Tarasov

Друзья Бузовой подтвердили ее развод с Тарасовым

Friends of the famous TV presenter confirmed “Live” rumors about her divorce with her husband.

About the disorder in the family “Tarabrikov” talking about a month ago. Loud statements, none of the star couple did, but depressing posts in social networks of celebrities appeared with enviable frequency. And now friends of the star couple began to speak about this and not anyhow where, and on television.

Recently the program “live” gathered in the Studio of former participants of the project “Dom-2”, which confirmed that between Olga and Dmitri is not just a fight, the couple decided to divorce.

The program was devoted to, of course, not the divorce of the famous couple, and the accident with participation of Dmitry Tarasov and Nadezhda Fedosenkova. The woman claims that the player intentionally provoked the accident and in General he has become too aggressive due to breaking up with his wife. The topic quickly joined old friends Olga in the TV project “Dom-2”: Tatiana Kyrylyuk and Rustam Solntsev, who were guests on talk shows.

“Yes. Divorce. Heard from their close friends,” – said Kirilyuk leading on the issue. And then added that Olga Buzova tries to build happiness on someone else’s misfortune, because her marriage with Dmitry and collapsed, saying, “the law of the boomerang”.

Recall that before the novel Olga and Dmitry had a wife Oksana. In 2009, the girl gave her husband a daughter angelina-Anna, however, even this could not keep football in the family.