Friends are Liza Minelli alarmed her farewell letter

Друзья Лайзы Минелли встревожены её прощальным посланием

Friends of the legendary actress Liza Minnelli was seriously concerned about her condition. The singer, who recently turned seventy years old, my whole life, abused alcohol and drugs, and here again, in our old age, hit breaking bad. A source close to Liza claimed that there is a real fear that her days are numbered.

Друзья Лайзы Минелли встревожены её прощальным посланием
In September last year, Minnelli has sold her posh new York apartment in which she lived for decades. Currently the singer lives in a rented house in Los Angeles, throwing money raised from the sale of real estate. Concerned about her condition and the assistants, whom Liza has surrounded himself several years ago.
March 12, Minelli has left a strange farewell message, which brings even more drama in her lonely old age.
“I wouldn’t be who I am without you, all of you. Here, at the top, I remember all your kindness, your wishes and your support. Thank you very much, very big, I will never forget you” — she wrote.

“Her appeal sounded like a douche as a farewell. It was heartbreaking. People should be concerned about, have to wonder: what if she was only three months of life,” said the insider.
Recall that in April last year, Lisa was treated at a rehabilitation center in Malibu.
“She went out of control after a painful back injury” — said the representative of Minelli. He was denied a deadly disease actress, although dangerous disease like stalking Liza. So, since 2000, it has undergone two hip replacement in 2001 and nearly died from pneumonia and subsequent viral encephalitis, in 2003, broke my patella, and in 2013 managed to break his wrist in three places, and in 2014 underwent surgery on his back.

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