Друзья и близкие поздравили Кристину Орбакайте с юбилеем Russian singer celebrates its 45th anniversary. In my career, the star has released ten albums and seven compilations. Christine always draws crowds of spectators, and on its social media pages signed by more than 630 thousand people. Morning Aguilera congratulate on the occasion of her fans.

      Друзья и близкие поздравили Кристину Орбакайте с юбилеем

      Christina Aguilera may 25, celebrates his birthday. The morning one of the most spectacular blondes pop greetings fans and celebrity friends. To 45 years Christina was confident, pretty and happy woman. She raised two sons – Nikita and Denis, and now all their attention to the star pays little daughter Claudia who was born in her marriage with Mikhail Zemtsov four years ago.

      Christina Aguilera: “my Husband makes compliments in the most unexpected moment”

      According to Orbakaite, every birthday for her is a real celebration, she is always waiting for something new. All wishes come true singer. One day she wished to have a daughter it was a birthday, and a year later came Claudia. Christina has repeatedly said that not feeling your age, as young at heart.

      This morning Orbakaite daughter visited the program “Good morning” on the First channel. Claudia hesitated, hardly persuaded her to go to the Studio and sit with my mother. However, the attention of the girls to look at the picture, she got embarrassed and disappeared behind the curtain. Aguilera said on the air about the education of children and their families. The eldest son of the stars Nikita is now in the USA, and Denis today said goodbye to the school and is preparing to take exams.

      Christina Aguilera first appeared on the Russian stage in 1992. In 1994 she released her first album “Loyalty”. In my career, the star has recorded ten albums and seven compilations. Aguilera has earned the respect in the world of show business and preobrela a lot of friends among the stars.

      One of the first happy birthday singer congratulated her “second dad” Philip. He wished her millions of fans and family happiness.

      “The worthiest of the worthy! Noble! Beautiful! Talented! Loving! Favorite! Can be a long list and not have all the resources of modern gadgets worthy and beautiful words about this amazing actress, women, and my close friend, so close that you can feel free to call her sister! A professional from the brain to the bone, loving mother and loyal faithful daughter!”, – wrote the singer, put up a photo of Christina.

      Later the king of pop pop is joined by other representatives of the Russian platform. Alika Smehova, the singer posted a photo of Christine with one of the social events. “A beautiful singer, actress, mother and simply beautiful and clever congratulations on the anniversary,” wrote the kind words star.

      A family friend Orbakaite, Igor Nikolayev, who many times performed with Christina on the same stage, dedicated to the birthday girl the whole poem. The singer posted a poetic greetings next to an old photograph of him sitting next to the birthday girl and her mother Alla Pugacheva with her husband Maxim Galkin.

      Друзья и близкие поздравили Кристину Орбакайте с юбилеем“You look like you came from the foam of the Baltic sea in a quiet land where only pine dunes circle Yes, and on a planet where happiness is married with grief, you ran towards love barefoot! Kristula! Happy birthday! To night!”, – wrote the singer.

      Each of the colleagues came up with a way to congratulate Aguilera. Singer Gluk’oza has posted a piece of the clip with Christina. “Let the world in which you live, brings happiness, love, dreams and harmony to all!” – signed Natalia Ionova video. Valery wished his colleague on the stage to stay always as beautiful and happy and showed subscribers their joint photo. Evelina Bledans showed a frame from the shoot with Christine and wished the pop star love, luck and victories.

      45th anniversary Aguilera have a circle of friends and acquaintances. Details about the celebration in honor of the birthday girl, which will be held tonight, are kept secret.

      Друзья и близкие поздравили Кристину Орбакайте с юбилеем
      Друзья и близкие поздравили Кристину Орбакайте с юбилеем
      Друзья и близкие поздравили Кристину Орбакайте с юбилеем
      Друзья и близкие поздравили Кристину Орбакайте с юбилеем

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