Friends and colleagues Zadornov are afraid of talking about his condition

Друзья и коллеги Задорнова боятся разговоров о его состоянии Relatives of a famous comedian refuses to comment on the results of treatment. Assistant star reported that the artist is in the clinic under the supervision of doctors and necessary medication.
Друзья и коллеги Задорнова боятся разговоров о его состоянии

In October 2016, Mikhail Zadornov, announced to fans that are struggling with cancer. Many fans were shocked. Now the comedian and his relatives have not commented on the results of treatment.

In a recent interview with Joseph Kobzon said that the state of health of Mikhail Zadornov has deteriorated. According to the singer, the comedian is on the verge of life and death. However, the assistant star Elena has denied this information.

“Mikhail is still in the hospital and undergoing treatment. Everything goes according to plan, as originally outlined by the doctors. I don’t know why Iosif Kobzon said that he was dying. Responsible for the words of Joseph Davydovich I can only say that nothing of the kind. Family of Mikhail Zadornov asked not to bother them with questions,” – said the representative of the artist.
Друзья и коллеги Задорнова боятся разговоров о его состоянии

The woman promised that she will give Mikhail Nikolayevich the wishes of fans for a speedy recovery. She did not tell, where the famous comedian is being treated, and the condition it’s in.

Fans Zadornov hope that the sad rumors are not true. They believe in the imminent return of Mikhail Nikolayevich on the scene. “Now, to whom I sincerely wish to overcome the disease. I hope this vile attack will not Rob us of a great artist”, “the Whole family worried about him, very talented man,” commented the news fans of the stars

It is also interesting that many artist friends refuse to talk about his condition. So, Elena Sparrow, Semyon Altov and Arkady Yining did not say anything about the other when they were asked by journalists.

Regina Dubovitskaya said “the Source” that the relatives of Mikhail asked his friends not to spread the disease.

“You know, Michael and his family asked us not to discuss this topic. I have great respect for this family, so any statement will not do” – said a colleague.