Friends about the state of Alla Pugacheva: “She’s really bad…”

Друзья о состоянии Аллы Пугачевой: «Ей реально плохо...»
The singer missed an important event because of illness.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva

Photo: @Instagram maxgalkinru Maxim Galkin

On the eve of the Moscow hosted a farewell to the founder of the ENSEMBLE “Jolly fellows” Pavel Slobodkin. Last farewell to his friend and colleague it’s just a few pop stars. Was not among them Alla Pugacheva, which was very close as with Slobodkina and his family.

The lack of Divas on the funeral of a friend explained Alexander Buinov. According to the singer, Alla wanted to personally say goodbye to Slobodkina, but she was prevented from doing so health problems.

“Slobodkin was the godfather to many of us. And for Alla Pugacheva too. He did not only a brilliant arrangement of the famous “harlequin”, but managed to defend this song in high offices, to convince the inarticulate “artistic Council” to approve the smash-hit… Alla asked me to send close Slobodkin condolences and to lay a wreath at the grave of Pavel Yakovlevich on her behalf. Alla she could not come because of feeling ill. Really bad. It’s not an excuse. I know it well. Especially about health is not taken seriously!” — quotes Buynova

The health of Alla, most likely, affected a recent trip to Baku for the festival Heat. Besides the fact that Donna spent a few days in this heat (the temperature in those days rose to the level of +40°C), it has survived several flights. The artist is known, was for many years aerophobia, which she overcame specially to visit the festival.