Friend Sergei Zverev attacked the wife of his son

Подруга Сергея Зверева напала на жену его сына A former colleague of the famous stylist voiced a complaint against the current chosen one, his heir. According to Leroy Covina, Sergey Zverev Sr. was vehemently against the wedding. The artist feared that the young man contacted a dishonest girl.
Подруга Сергея Зверева напала на жену его сына

Last week the son of Sergey Zverev and his wife Julia participated in the filming of “Andrei Malakhov. Live”. The “king of glamour” appeared on the filming. It is known that the stylist was not familiar with the chosen Zverev, Jr. was not present at his wedding, which took place last year. According to sources close to the star, he gave us the information, compromising Julia.

Friend Sergei Zverev shared the dirt on the darling of his son

Journalists contacted a friend and former Director Sergei Zverev Leroy Tobinai. According to the woman, the stylist was opposed to the wedding of his son. Friends of “king of glamor” suggest that Julia uses his son, wanting to become famous and earn.

“Adult, the Mature lady just wanted known life and success. She likes to go from talk show to talk show to make money with such a slave boy as Sergei, Jr. I personally don’t know, but rumor has it that she has two children allegedly older she’s almost in the boarding pass. If so, then Julia is committing a great sin saying on the air that she is not” – said Tuvin.

According to Leroy, Zverev-senior believes that his son commit the same mistake. In March 2015, the heir stylist legalized relationship with 18-year-old Mary Bikeway. Star of show business he learned about the planned marriage ceremony for a couple of days before it and did not approve the decision of the young man. As a result, the Zverev-senior didn’t go to the registry office or in a restaurant, although the couple was expecting its appearance.

Six months later family life the son of the actor have decided to divorce. At first, Sergey and Maria claimed to have tried to save the family, but in the end decided to part friends. The “king of glamour” implied that the son decided to get married to spite his ex-girlfriend. “The whole family was against it. We understand that Sergei is not marrying her for love, she did not like, and he didn’t hide it. I had asked. He said: “Maybe I’m married, and feel, and love her,” – said Zverev-senior journalists.

However, after some time the ex-wife of the son of a star made accusations against him. Maria Bikmaeva took part in the filming of “live”, stating that once her husband raised her hand. Claim close Zverev Sr., he was worried that the heir of repeating the same mistake with the dishonest girl. Nervous at the stylist started to have problems with health – he had an emergency appendectomy.

“It happened right after the wedding – shared with Lera Tuwina – Now Sergey already feels more or less, to come back, to work need. The more that the public really misses him”.

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