Подруга Прохора Шаляпина попала в больницу с инфарктом It is reported that Yan Gribkowsky could not stand the threats from rivals. The girl was allegedly subjected to this psychological attack. If you believe the data provided by the familiar Grivkovsky, at the moment she is in a clinic under medical supervision.

      Soon subsided talk about the new Roman Prokhor Chaliapin ex-fiancée of the late timy brick, as rumors about this couple broke out with renewed vigor. This time it seems more serious than it was before – in a press there were messages on the hospitalization of a friend artist Yana Grivkovsky. With it the last few months is spending time with the graduate of “Factory of stars”. Interestingly, the couple has already participated in some very candid photo shoots, which provoked a lot of speculation about their romance.

      “Naked” photo of Chaliapin with a new girlfriend excited the public

      As stated to journalists by a close associate of Janet that this was the cause of the deteriorating health of the girl. She allegedly received threats from unknown persons who claimed that she stole the beloved Anna Kalashnikova. If you believe the reports environment Yana, at the moment she is in the clinic, where doctors diagnosed a heart attack.

      By the way, in the interview with “StarHit” himself Prokhor Shalyapin made it clear he did not intend to speak on this subject. Probably the artist shocked by the incident and it is hard to draw any conclusions.

      Recall, Chaliapin and Grivkovsky’ve really bonded after the singer parted with Kalashnikova. Prokhorov found out that the actress’s son Daniel was not born from him and could not forgive his future wife such a betrayal. The engagement was broken, and the artist found solace in the arms of an old girlfriend Yana. The fact that Chaliapin is Gribkowsky was the man who supports him more than all the others. At the time, the girl was the bride’s best friend Prokhor, producer tims brick. A man tragically died at the beginning of the year. Grief and hardships United the couple, and eventually Chaliapin and Gribkowsky began to appear at social events together.

      The bride timy brick: diamond Elizabeth Taylor, sports car and the affair with the Prince of Monaco

      By the way, Ian, as Prokhorov is also involved in creativity. So, the couple have a lot in common. Two years ago she published a book, “Beads”, which frankly told about the seamy side of show business. U even quoted the work of a friend in his microblog. “When you find yourself with someone compare you are in the game. You compare yourself with others and then find a bunch of flaws. But there are people who anyone can not compare, so they are out of time and competition. They were two separate units – don’t take anything and no one come together. They are not the first and not the second. They’re the only” – such a passage brought Chaliapin on the page in a social network.

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