Подруга Миланы Кержаковой объяснила причины ее таинственного исчезновения Friends of a footballer’s wife believe that the couple can still reconcile and get back together. Alexander Kerzhakov relationship with wife deteriorated after the death of his father-in-law. According to some, Milan allegedly turned to a psychic to save marriage.
Подруга Миланы Кержаковой объяснила причины ее таинственного исчезновения

More than a week ago, the wife of Alexander Kerzhakov announced the breakup with her husband. “I’m no longer in the relationship… It is absolutely fallen, unworthy of respect the man, alas,” wrote Milan in the comments to one of the posts. The statement of the lady footballer has provoked heated discussions on the Internet. Social media users wondered why the family that seemed so strong crumbled.

Milan Kerzhakov broke up with her husband

Reporting serious disagreements with her husband, Milan ceased to update Instagram. Members of the young women wondered what has caused the mysterious disappearance of his wife Kerzhakov. Journalists contacted friend lady athlete Anastasia. According to her, Milan is seen in doctors. Despite the sharp statement Kerzhakova about her husband, friends of the pair believe that they can still reconcile.

“The issue of divorce is not resolved, and Milan with Alexander can be reconciled. Had a fight, it happens. I haven’t talked to Milan a month and a half, and only recently she was released on bond. Then I found out that she is in Moscow at the clinic. Check out the end of may,” said the friend of the chosen player’s correspondents.

According to journalists, the right to marriage Kiriakovich affected by the death of his father Milan. A member of the Federation Council Vadim Tulpanov died more than a year ago. Parent really meant a lot to Milan, so after his death she fell into a depression. A young woman was observed by the doctors and went abroad to recover.

In may 2017 Fund Kerzhakov organized a solemn “Flower Ball” with Milan for some time disappeared from the Network. Later it turned out that she had anorexia. “Apparently, as rightly at the time, my dad used to say: “to Each is given a test exactly.” At that moment my strength is probably over,” said the daughter of Vadim Tyulpanov.

In the press periodically there were rumors that the family Kiriakovich not going smoothly, but Milan have them denied. “When I want to say something, I’ll tell you about it herself. Whatever it was, no man on earth has the right to denigrate the honor of my husband until he was my husband. This is a man who made a lot of good, and I am very much grateful to him”, she wrote in February of this year.

How did you learn to correspondents, Milan Kerzhakov tried to ask for help to a psychic Irina Martynova to save your marriage. According to Tatyana Larina, she is a fraud and just took the money from the client. Clairvoyant added that familiar with the story of Catherine Safronova, and now Milan reiterates its fate, writes “Express Gazeta”.