Друг Марии Максаковой хочет отсудить у нее 42 миллиона Denis Panaitov that the diva was accused of cheating, stepdaughter Catherine Voronenkov, filed a counterclaim to the artist. According to a former investigator in 2016 Maria Maksakova took him a large sum of money at interest.
Друг Марии Максаковой хочет отсудить у нее 42 миллиона

Recently, Maria Maksakova lost in the struggle for non-residential premises in the city center. Opera diva failed to challenge the sale of real estate worth two million dollars. The transaction in which the interests of the artist represented her stepdaughter Catherine Boronenkov, acknowledged valid.

Now Maksakova came a new trouble. The former head of Odintsovo of the investigative Department of the TFR in the Moscow region Denis Panaitov, whom she sued for the property, said that the singer did not fulfill his obligations. According to plaintiff, Maksakova took him a decent amount in December 2016. Over time, the amount of debt increased. Now, according to Panaitova, the Opera singer must pay him about 42 million rubles.

According to some, the plaintiff, a longtime friend of Maria Maksakova. Therefore, the artist turned to him, when planning to move into the territory of Ukraine. Denis Panaitov went to meet the singer and lent her more than 40 million at 20 percent per annum. In addition, a friend of the actress bought her and Boronenkov apartments in the business district “Moscow-city”. The men agreed among themselves on a price. Being in Kiev, the Opera diva has issued a power of attorney for daughter wife Julia. 25-year-old Catherine was represented in the transaction representing the father and stepmother.

Друг Марии Максаковой хочет отсудить у нее 42 миллиона

The contract for the sale of square meters was signed a week before the death Boronenkov. A few months after the death of her husband Maksakova received from stepdaughter the documents under which the premises was sold for 38 million rubles. Opera diva remembered that the husband estimated the real estate of two million dollars. The singer came to the conclusion that Catherine Voronenkov cheated. Maksakova has filed a lawsuit to Panaitova.

The hearing was held behind closed doors. According to journalists, the first representatives of Vorontcovo insisted that she did not suffer from drug addiction. But then stepdaughter Maksakova was replaced by lawyers. After that, the lawyers Catherine said that she actually took a banned substance, and her signature on documents was forged. In court, presented documents confirming the fact of stay of girls in a medical facility. They say that it happened for a reason – Vorontcovo ostensibly promised 25% of the value of the offending property.

However, experts establish the authenticity of the handwriting, confirmed that Catherine really acquainted with the terms and conditions agreed with them. The claim Maksakova rejected.

Meanwhile, the journalists managed to find out one more detail. According to them, now Maria Maksakova lives in an apartment owned by the sister of Denis Panaitova. Singer rents a property purchased by the relative of a former investigator four years ago, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.