Friend Ksenia Sobchak was furious disrupted TV show

Друг Ксении Собчак пришел в ярость из-за сорванного телешоу Anton Krasovsky deeply disappointed with the current situation. For half a year, the journalists worked hard to create interesting programs. To date, however, the transfer was never aired.
Друг Ксении Собчак пришел в ярость из-за сорванного телешоу

In early October, a longtime friend Ksenia Sobchak Anton Krasovsky has unveiled a new project that was set to be released on TV channel “Friday!”. For several months, celebrities have shared photos on which they were captured in the images, typical in style for the past decade. Then the journalist was overwhelmed with hope and inspiration that the new TV product will find a ready response in the hearts of the audience. Friend Ksenia Sobchak reincarnated as a homeless person for a new TV show

“Finally, the official announcement of what we Ksenia Sobchak spent all summer. And I hope (if the viewer is suddenly gracious, and makes the bosses happy), and spend a lot of time,” said Krasovsky.

Recently, however, Anton did in the social network unequivocally the publication, where in the rigid form hinted that his plans fell through, and the work was useless. Krasovsky did not specify what exactly went wrong. However, many have assumed is associated with the television project “I repeat!”.

“Well, even if the charge will post on its website all of the series!”, “Manuscripts do not burn. Good content, sooner or later it will break”, “You’re talking about your Ksenia transmission on TV channel “Friday”? Why it was canceled?” asked users of the social network, but the journalist left them unanswered.

Earlier Anton with pleasure shared impressions on how is shooting a new project. He talked about the feelings and experiences you had had trying on the role of a resident of the recent past. Krasovskii and Sobchak dressed in costumes of the respective years and surrounded himself with objects of a bygone era.

“The most difficult thing was to drive behind the wheel of this real naturingang “Moskvich” half of Moscow and die only once on the hill,” shared a journalist in the caption to the photo on the background of the pale blue car.

Now, however, fans can still enjoy “Can you repeat that!”, which comes out every Monday.