Friend Kim Kardashian told the truth about her divorce

Друг Ким Кардашьян сообщил правду о ее разводе The news appeared in the media, has made a bombshell. The journalists claimed that Kim Kardashian was thinking about how to break up with Kanye West. Western media outlets have managed to get a comment from a friend of the reality star.

      Друг Ким Кардашьян сообщил правду о ее разводе

      Recently Western media reported the sensational news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to divorce. Insiders claimed that the couple are tired of contradictions. Foreign tabloids reported that Kim plans to take a break before you end the marriage, they say, first Kanye needs to recover from a nervous breakdown. According to journalists, Kardashian was going to demand full custody of the children three years of Nord and a year-old Saint.

      Fans beg Kim Kardashian to get back in the social network

      The message about the divorce of Kardashian and West has caused heated discussions among the fans of the stars. They begged celebrities to forget all grudges and reunite. Fans of Kim and Kanye were shocked by the news about the breakup of a couple that seemed perfect. Social media users left comments to the publications of the stars of the reality show, in which he asked her to take pity on the husband, recently on the brink because of health problems. They believed that Kardashian and West can settle their differences for the sake of the children.

      A huge number of comments and publications in mass media made celebrities to think about how to clarify the situation. After some time there was an official comment on the topic of separation of Kardashian and West. In the official account of the program “the Family Kardashian” on Twitter there was a post in which he revealed the truth about the quarrels between the spouses.

      “Calm down: Kim and Kanye not getting a divorce”, – said the representative of the stars of the reality show.
      Друг Ким Кардашьян сообщил правду о ее разводе

      In comments posted in social networks, also cited a link to an article in the publication E! Online, based on information from insiders. A source close to the star pair, refuted earlier information. He also revealed that celebrities have experienced a very difficult period. “Kim wants Kanye got up on his feet after the incident. She does not leave him. She loves it,” said the insider.

      Western media outlets have also managed to get a comment from Jonathan Cheban, a close friend of Kardashian. The man questioned the rumors about the divorce of celebrities and compared them with the news about Jen aniston’s pregnancy, which regularly appear in the media. He also said that the information about the separation the reality star and rapper look like a joke.

      “I laughed when I heard this news, because it is not so… I spoke with Kim and Kanye on FaceTime. They are in a good mood. Don’t want to talk about them, it’s none of my business. But all of these publications are more like collective hysteria,” added Ceban.

      Apparently, personal experiences, Kim and Kanye, on the contrary, only made them closer. Recall that Kardashian is extremely painful experienced a robbery in Paris, and later her husband was hospitalized in a poor condition. Then the journalists were told that West was very aggressive, so he had to be handcuffed to the gurney. Kanye West was forcibly hospitalized

      Друг Ким Кардашьян сообщил правду о ее разводе