Friend has arranged for Olga Buzova chic birthday

Подруги устроили для Ольги Бузовой шикарный день рождения The TV presenter celebrated the 32 anniversary in Thailand. 20 Jan girlfriend and sister organized for Olga Buzova real treat. The TV star has received dozens of bouquets of flowers, jewelry, doll clone and elephant.

Olga Buzova met 32 anniversary far away from Moscow, in the warm Thailand. On a holiday Olga went together with my girlfriend Olga Desyatovskii, Jana acre and a sister Anya. They gave TV stars a real holiday on January 20. The girls decorated the Villa where they rest, pink balls, came up with a fun quest and organized dinner at the restaurant. They gave Olga a piece of jewelry with a real diamond. Buzova shared almost every moment with their followers on Instagram.

“This morning I woke up hugging my girls, and immediately began the real quest. The job was in verse, and the girls helped me pass the next test, to get the coveted gift! Thank you for the diamond. This in my life was never, for me it is very valuable. Thanks to all of you that you I have and make happy,” wrote Buzova.

After a small drawing with notes and tasks for the birthday girl, she was in for another surprise. The Villa came with a real elephant, though small, still a baby elephant, which Olga swept. The star was delighted with such a gift. But pleasant surprises is not over. Another one of her friend designer Bella Potemkin, together with a bouquet sent Olga a doll. Barbie-Buzova in a red sparkly dress made to order. “May it bring you luck,” wrote in a birthday card Bella Potemkina.

Friends, colleagues and fans just filled up the birthday flowers, among which were pink, white, Burgundy roses, orchids, chrysanthemums, complex bouquets of exotic plants. Phone TV stars torn from calls and messages. Some congratulations Olga shared. For example, Yana Rudkovskaya. “Happy birthday to you, we wish you only happiness and success. And most importantly – only forward, not a step back! You’re a big fellow!” – wished the producer of Dima Bilan Olga.

“You have no idea what’s going on all day in our Villa! From 8 in the morning don’t stop bringing Flowers and gifts from my friends and colleagues from all over the world. I am grateful to each of you who congratulated me personally, and after Delivery, and Votsap! Happy tears and goose bumps in the morning. My family and my friends is my reward. You make me happy today every second,” wrote Olga.

The day was for Olga is very rich. After the star received congratulations at the Villa, and even blew out candles on a birthday cake, her and her friends went to a gala dinner in the restaurant which on this occasion was booked only for them. As dreamed Olga, the hall was decorated with burning candles and fresh orchids, and especially for her playing the violin. And after dinner with her friends Olga went to the disco, where quite by chance I met Michael Galustyan, and Timur Batrutdinova. Many fans Buzova convinced that with the resident Comedy Club it is associated not just friendships.

Buzova and Batrutdinov escaped on holiday together

In his congratulatory message Timur confessed publicly Olga in love, although she noted that will always be there.

“Olus, happy birthday! You’re a unique woman, accommodating the radically opposite qualities! You are strong and weak, beautiful and homely, a lot of talking and a little singing, energetic and calm, closed and media, and smart when he wants to, not really. You a lot, but you were itself and your finest hour is made exclusively for you. Proud of you! Remember, I’m always here! And from his character of Deputy Yegor Betrozova officially declare January 20 a national holiday – the Day of Buzova,” wrote Batrutdinov.

Olga made a gift. She has released her birthday the next single for the song “One night”, which immediately became the top iTunes sales. Olga Buzova said that it was her best birthday ever, and she is immensely happy.