Friend George Michael has called the death of a singer of suicide

Друг Джорджа Майкла назвал смерть певца самоубийством Star Barber, who for five years was with George Michael, said the foreign media about the true causes of death. Fadi Fawaz believes that the actor committed suicide.
Друг Джорджа Майкла назвал смерть певца самоубийством

Two years ago, at Christmas, was not George Michael. 53-year-old singer was found dead in his house in London. And only after two and a half months, the official authorities announced the cause of death was heart failure. The statement also mentioned that for a long time, the artist suffered from heart problems and liver.

However boyfriend star hairdresser Fadi Fawaz, said that George Michael died voluntarily. Sensational confession Fadi made in a series of touching letters, dedicated to the memory of his friend. According to the man, the singer first tried to commit suicide, and another attempt proved successful. Before Fawaz found his body, he had already been dead more than a day.

Fadi Fawaz also said that George Michael did not like Christmas, but Christmas eve was for the artist one of the most difficult days of the year. It was his mother Lesley Harrison, whom he idolized.

“I’m tired of questions – “what happened at Christmas?” It was suicide! Let me say that the tragedy happened on the birthday of his mother. It’ll just give the answer to some questions. Not to mention five attempts to commit suicide. I think it’s important for history,” wrote a lover-George Michael.

The singer has lost a loved one in 1997 Leslie died after a long illness. Few years, the woman struggled with cancer, but to no avail. Fawaz claims that Michael was not able to come to terms with my mom leaving.

“I was like in a black hole, all the time slept. Some days even had trouble to put one foot in front of another. I think I could be one of those cowards who chose for himself this bad,” once said George Michael.

In addition, Fadi Fawaz reminded the public of the circumstances preceding the death of George Michael. The partners had a falling out, Fadi did not sleep in the house – slept in the car. So the hairdresser is sure that his famous friend committed suicide on December 24, while he had found it only the next day.

Fawaz also drew attention to the fact that the police did not give an exact time of death and, at the insistence of the family still has not released the autopsy results.

By the way, 45-year-old Fadi Fawaz now lives in the house George Michael, worth about $ 7 million. The legacy of the singer, which is estimated at $ 150 million, has become a bone of contention between the family of Michael, after the Barber began to demand their share, reports