“Friday!” opens center of women’s psychological assistance

На «Пятнице!» открывается центр женской психологической помощи
The channel is preparing to launch a unique show.

На «Пятнице!» открывается центр женской психологической помощи

Photo: Press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

Last autumn, the TV channel “Friday!” took
re-eleven “Palanok”, successfully changing not only the appearance
girls, but their worldview and way of life. The new project of the channel titled
“Rehab” is ready to solve more serious tasks: it is intended to assist
young women, each of which at the time suffered a personal tragedy.

In the literal translation of “Rehab” means
“rehabilitation”. It is for this project came heroine, who, due to various
life circumstances are mired in a prolonged slump and can’t get rid of
suicidal thoughts. Someone who has experienced domestic violence, some betrayal
family someone can overcome alcohol and food addiction.

On such
the problem is not to say aloud, and many women are unable to find the
the strength to seek professional help. But the more time people
bears in itself sense of guilt, shame or resentment, the more destructive it is
becomes. Therefore, in addition to helping direct the heroines of the project,
one of the objectives of “rehab’s”, according to its creators, is the formation
viewer’s understanding of what qualified professionals can provide effective
help even in the most emotionally difficult cases, the main thing — to decide to come over

From June 19 audience “Friday!”
will witness a complex and painstaking process of rehabilitation participants
project. Together with the heroines they know what goes on behind closed doors
the offices of psychotherapists. The girls have to go through group therapy,
to work under the guidance of a psychologist, coach, business, and fitness trainer. “Rehab”
help them to forgive the offenders, to love themselves, to forget the nightmares of the past and start
a new happy life.

One of those who will help
the girls find the path to this new life, will be the presenter and renowned coach
Denis Semenikhin. In his classes participating in “rehab’s” waiting for not only physical
training and workshops on nutrition, but also the methods of “extreme
psychotherapy”: skydiving, wakeboarding, banjo from the building and many

The importance and mutual
support members to each other. Alas, “Rehabe” is not always welcoming
atmosphere, and heroines with different personalities easy to get along under one roof.
Bright personality, with an explosive temperament, will try to curb
your emotions. The most important thing in “Rehabe” is victory over

Photo: Press service of the TV channel “Friday!”