“Friday!” commented the dismissal of Regina Todorenko

На «Пятнице!» прокомментировали увольнение Регины Тодоренко
The presenter continues to work in the project “eagle&Tails”.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: from personal archive of Regina Todorenko

Earlier in the week, the Network appeared rumors that the popular presenter of “heads&Tails” Regina todorenko has left the project, citing a source from the channel “Friday”. Fans began to worry: they’ve just resigned to leaving Lesya Nikityuk, and now Regina?!

Todorenko in response to these reports gave a very vague comment, not confirming, but not disproving it.

The point in this scandal put on the TV channel “Friday!”.

“Right now, Regina courageously continues shooting “eagle&Tails” — said 7days.ru pr-the Director of the channel Natalia Abramochkin. — All new releases you will soon see on “Friday.” And the following year Regina on our channel will be even more — several new shows with her participation are already in production”.

Work takes all my free time Regina. And it’s her hand because it’s much easier to get over a breakup with a loved one. It became known yesterday that Todorenko ended the relationship with her boyfriend, Nikita by Trakinas. The decision to part was mutual. Todorenko said that she was “perepechatala”. After all, most of the year it just wasn’t in their shared apartment. Regina and Nikita had parted friends.Todorenko continues to wear the ring on my finger, which gave her favorite. However, solely because she loves it, not as a symbol of love and fidelity.