“Friday!” commented disrupted the wedding

На «Пятнице!» прокомментировали сорванную свадьбу

The couple are preparing to apply to the Prosecutor’s office and waiting for an apology from the channel.

Offended in Chelyabinsk, the bride and groom, whose wedding is disrupted a new presenter of the program “Revizorro”, was given to understand that determined. Similar offense to Anastasia and Ivan Zyryanov not going to forgive and prepare to apply to the Prosecutor’s office, as well as newly-married couples waiting for an apology from Olga Romanov and TV channel “Friday!”.

Meanwhile, Woman’s Day managed to find out that think about the representatives of the presenter, which so unceremoniously barged in on a private celebration.

“Because the shooting was just held channel with footage not yet seen. A statement from the newlyweds we have not yet received,” – said the press service of the TV channel “Friday!”.

Recall that last weekend in Chelyabinsk flew the team of “Revizorro,” headed with the new host. Spectacular brunette Olga Romanov was an unexpected guest at the wedding in the restaurant “the Dragon.” Your celebration with 60 guests celebrated the newlyweds Chelyabinsk Anastasia and Ivan Zyryanov. In a strange celebration TV presenter scandal. Yes such that it was immediately recognized guests on all three floors of the restaurant (read more here).

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