Frick is the son of Elena Yakovleva can not define the profession

Фрик-сын Елены Яковлевой не может определиться с профессией The heir to the actress, 26-year-old Denis Stray, abandoned education in Britain and returned to Moscow. Yakovlev admitted that the son still did not know who would like to work. The young man one time I was into bodybuilding, but this lesson left.

The national actress has repeatedly said in an interview that her son was actively interested in sports. The beauty of the pumped up body of a young man said a lot of tattoos, which sometimes shocking the public. However, the famous mom has always defended the only heir. “It is a separate substance is absolutely not similar to me or at my husband. It seems to me that Denis itself,” shared Elena.

The son of a celebrity several times passed from one institution to another, receiving education abroad, but he realized that science, which is taught abroad, not suited to the Russian reality.

“The choice of his profession is the torment of hell for me. Because the institution in which I with her husband persuaded him to do, Dennis threw. We realized that now is the loss of people. Many said: “why to learn, if you have no place to work?”. In London even sent it. But Denis said that they give a knowledge which in the homeland is not useful, point in training,” admitted Yakovlev.

The guy came back to Russia. And here are interested in bodybuilding. “That is, of course, for me, was opening. I thought that the person does not have the patience to deal with them, but he has such strength of will was. Denis was even the first performances, however, unsuccessful, but the main thing that he tried, and achieved some results. Now this hobby has passed. Him something else now, need creative. Dennis said: “Mom, look what prosthetics! I want to have plastic make-up.”– said the actress.

According to star cinema, in Russia, unfortunately, never taught this craft. A good school in Los Angeles, but it’s too expensive. “Denis is ready to go on the apprentice, just to get some knowledge in this area. Throws, of course, the kid throws. He just needs to decide to decide. Because his head will not put. We, of course, it was easier,” the actress said during the live broadcast