Без смайликов и фотошопа: как найти любовь на сайте знакомств Where to meet a decent man in our age of speed, when time is sorely lacking? That’s right, in the Internet.
Без смайликов и фотошопа: как найти любовь на сайте знакомств

According to statistics, only one out of a hundred women search perfect life partner in a Network can succeed. And the reason is not that she is smarter or more attractive than others. Just drew up the account and kept up a correspondence all the rules. What? Says psychologist Olga Romaniv.

1 set up the correct profile

Each profile on the Dating web site contains data and photos. Will be enough, if you put three quality shots of a couple in the hollow rise and one with a focus on the face. Selfies, pictures of a passport or with erotic content will significantly reduce the chances of attracting a qualified candidate. It is not necessary to put pictures of ten years ago or edited with photoshop. During the meeting, in reality, the man may be disappointed. In the section “About yourself” let’s reliable information that you are willing to share with strangers. It will be enough information about the date of birth, place of residence, scope of activities, range of interests and the purpose of registration on a Dating site.

2 senior consultant

So, the man liked your photo, and he sent you a message. First, choose a neutral topic: you can discuss the interests and Hobbies of each other, music or movies, favorite types of recreation. And less emoticons, and only use them in cases when you need to give the message a joking tone. Communicate without familiarity, keep the boundaries of respect for each other, but without excessive formality. Be sure to find out the man has a degree of seriousness. Politics, sports, ending the relationship is not necessary to discuss. Spend on the site between 1.5 to 2 hours a day and are constantly online is a support interest in the interlocutor a certain innuendo.

3 Exercise initiative

In our age of equality women’s initiative – a usual phenomenon. Don’t be afraid to write the man first. Start the conversation with a neutral congratulations on the beginning of the work week, ask the spirits of men.

Без смайликов и фотошопа: как найти любовь на сайте знакомствIf you do not respond, in any case do not write “say something.” – it is humiliating. If your message will cause a response, allow him to continue communication. If he ignores you, put the focus on other candidates.

4 Choose the best

Correspondence can tell a lot about a person. You should pay attention to excellent writing skills, having a sense of humor, shared topics of conversation and what the person says about himself. The profile needs to present the footage that indicate Hobbies: sports, travel, etc. Loves to cook – so there will be photos in the kitchen. If divers will show pictures of scuba diving from the underwater depths.

5 cut off the excess

Always pay attention to his manner of conversation and talking about yourself. If it’s too much ACET and is not interested in you, then it Narcissus. Married is also not your option, so check for any spouse.

Ask him for the link to the page in “Vkontakte” or Facebook and send it to the wall of the heart. If you remove draw conclusions.

The fact that the account of men is full of pictures of him shirtless or personnel, talking about prosperity, not indicative of anything good. In the first case, it is likely to be a gigolo, and the second – insecure. Both of you hardly need. It is worth avoiding so-called “collectors”. They are in the profile, as a rule, everything is perfect: the pictures, captions, and content of the section “About me”. But otherwise, if he sits on a Dating site and goes through different girls? Please note, by the way, when he signed: five years ago, it is an alarming sign.

6 Moving on to real communication

What would be exciting is for you correspondence, its main goal is real meeting with a man. It is better that after the first days of communication on the website, it continued on the phone. With its help it will be easier to establish emotional contact and understand how the candidate you are interested in. And after only about two weeks to arrange a meeting. Give preference to public places – cafes or parks in the daytime. If a man is not asked out after 2-3 weeks of communication, and you liked it – feel free to invite yourself to meet.

Get creative: having an idea about his interests, you can invite a young man on a skating rink or an exhibition of your favorite artist. If you do not react, do not waste time, because your goal – not a conversation on the Internet, and healthy relationships in real life, right?

7 mistakes

It also happens that the communication on the website have not yielded the desired result. Then you should wonder what you are doing wrong? Most likely, do not have a clear idea as to what a man want to meet. You need to make a plan. List the important for you. Seven points will be enough. To do this, mentally create a visual picture of the image of a man and around him. What you been together? What joint plans bring you pleasure? Feel seen. And after that start to write. Start a conversation with a compliment, and then gently ask your questions. The answers you will understand how it corresponds to your created image, and should we continue to spend more time with him. And then, to be sure, after three or four dates you will meet your man.