Frederic Beigbeder has fun with naked models in the center of Moscow

Фредерик Бегбедер повеселился с голыми моделями в центре Москвы The Frenchman presented a film on his book, written ten years ago. In the painting called “Ideal” shows the life of a model scout Octave octave parengo, who arrives in Russia to seek the face for one of the brands. The premiere took place in one of night institutions of capital, where this evening there was an atmosphere of debauchery.

      Фредерик Бегбедер повеселился с голыми моделями в центре Москвы

      On the eve held a private screening of the film “the Ideal”, the film adaptation of the novel by French writer frédéric Beigbeder. Presentation of the painting took place in one of Moscow clubs with the participation of the author. Frederick came to the Russian capital once again to talk with fans of his work and personally tell them about the new film in which he acted as Director.

      It is noteworthy that at a party in honor of the presentation of the film could be seen half-naked models in outfits similar to those worn by the heroine of the book “Ideal”. Some pretty girls walked around the pool Topless: lingerie they replaced with colorful body painting.

      A short press conference with the participation of Beigbeder helped guests to learn more about his preferences. During the event, the writer has tried, as in Russia preparing foie Gras, and also spoke about the difficulties of working on the film.

      “The hardest part was to choose beautiful girls for the filming of the picture. It brought me a lot of suffering,” said Beigbeder, laughing.
      Фредерик Бегбедер повеселился с голыми моделями в центре Москвы

      However, more explicit questions Beigbeder didn’t answer. When one of the girls asked the Director about whether his Russian mistress, he just laughed it off.

      “This is primarily a novel that came out 10 years ago. And I have a good imagination,” replied Frederick.

      The evening also hosted a DJ set from Bebedero. The audience was able to dance before the screening of the painting and a close-up look, how smart the man was controlled with the remote.

      Фредерик Бегбедер повеселился с голыми моделями в центре Москвы

      The protagonist of the movie and the book – Octave octave parengo. He was looking for the perfect mannequin who would become the face of the French brand. Male, familiar with Russian models, once again flies from Paris to Moscow, where he organizes a large-scale casting at the choice of the girls. However, none of them fit the requirements of an Octave and his business partner Valentina. Only after a while they find the right candidate in the Russian hinterland.

      The film prominently featured the era of the mid 2000-ies. The film had to be lighted and Russian actor, Alexander Guskov, which ignites with the main characters at a party in a private club. However, the whole story revolves around the characters of Gaspard Proust and Audrey Florø. Talented actors play helps the viewer better understand what the fashion industry.