Франциско Гомес о самом сокровенном в своей жизни

Франциско Гомес о самом сокровенном в своей жизни

34-year-old British choreographer Francisco Gomez recently was a guest in a TV programme. The journalists asked him the most candid questions to which he did not hesitate to give the answers. The choreographer talked about his orientation, children and parents.

The story Francisco began from childhood. His mother worked as a nanny in London, and his father was a small entrepreneur, with a personal bar. They met thanks to a friend of his mother, but never were the perfect couple. Gomez himself was not a wanted child, the mother learned that pregnant already 5 months, because the body has never been seen. The father is very often used alcohol, was able to leave the house for a couple of days and then return. Mother endured it, because she was a strong woman, but one night she Packed up and the night ran away from home with 11-year-old son. 2 years after that Francisco lived with his mother in a very cheap hotel, and then the state has provided a single mother their own homes. Father did not participate in the education of his son and departed this life 11 years ago.

19 years old boy made their first world tour as a choreographer. He admits that this experience in his career made him a real man, he grew up quickly, and began to experiment with his looks, dress not all and finally realized that he was gay. When the tour ended and he came back, the mother immediately noticed all the changes and directly asked the question: “are You gay?”. Francisco answered calmly and honestly: “do Not ask me questions, the answers to which can hurt your feelings.” At this point, the mother understood everything and there was a scandal in the family. After that, she never talked with her son at all 10 years, no call, no letter, no.

Father to admit to Gomez for a long time could not, for certain reasons. The fact that one day the father of the choreographer came to the restaurant, where the guests were Spanish and one of the guests rudely asked him: “How is your son gay?”. Of course, for men it was very insulting and he wanted to fight, but kept his emotions, which resulted in a heart attack. It is the weak heart of a father was the reason for the silence of the choreographer. To come out he decided two months before his father’s death. Surprisingly he did not react as my mother. The father began to ask questions about whether Francisco children who satellite, etc. At the end of the conversation my dad said that to love the son less he did not. And as for life, Gomez heard from father words of love a couple of times, then it became a big support. Two months later, dad suffered another heart surgery, but recover after it failed. From the moment Francisco with my mom were alone in this family.

In an interview with the celebrity explained, how is his sex life and what started it all. At the age of 18 he had a relationship with a girl for birthday gave him a trip to Los Angeles. Francisco went over there, stood in front of him, the main task is to try what he wants in the place where it nobody knows anything. It was then that he decided at first sex with a man and completely satisfied with my sexuality. In the moment it happens sex with men and women. The most important thing for a choreographer — emotional bond with the person no matter what gender it is. But this does not mean that Gomez bisexual, discreet relationship, he sees only men.

At the moment, one choreographer, but in his heart there is a man to tell you he can’t. Unfortunately, the couple have a very complicated relationship, because a man cannot give Francisco that he needs, because of their age. Gomez confessed to him first, usually he very carefully chooses a partner, and in this situation, he feels happy, but unsatisfied.

Francisco admitted that building a career was very difficult, when everyone knew he was gay. He had to constantly prove that he knows how to perfectly dance, and that homosexuality is not a disease. Now it’s easier, but sometimes people still don’t get it.

And finally, the man shared his attitude to children. Francisco loves children and wants at least two. He presents it this way: when he will have a complete family, men will sit down and choose a surrogate mother for their children. Each of them will have their own children but to raise them to be like family. He has a dream that the mother was common, but not always, the woman will be ready to give just two eggs, so it is not much to tune. From Gomez have a good friend who could go for it and he hopes that by the time of creation of family, this woman will still be ready to have a baby from a celebrity.

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