Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli leave Calvin Klein

Франциско Коста и Итало Зуккелли покидают Calvin Klein

Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli< /p>

Before we could recover information that Karl Lagerfeld ready to say goodbye to Chanel, as the world of fashion, came another unexpected news: his post of creative Directors are leaving the Calvin Klein brand Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli.

The were rumors about this for several months, and today the company has released an official statement saying that the withdrawal of the designers linked with the new strategy of brand development:

This creative strategy will mark a new Chapter for the brand after the departure of the founder of Calvin Klein,

said CEO Steve shiffman.

I would like to thank Francisco and the Italian for their incredible devotion to the company and for the achievements of the past 10 years. They both sacrificed a lot to make the Calvin Klein brand one of the world leaders in the fashion industry. In their work they approached creatively, with dedication and determination.

Shiffman has promised that soon will be known the details of a new global brand strategy, while it is clear only that this concept will now obey all the brand’s products.

However, much more creativity Calvin Klein fans care about more: who will head the brand? The coveted spot tipped RAF Simons autumn of last year have left Dior, but official confirmation of this information is not available. The former head of Calvin Klein, by the way, is also silent, though, as we know, it has long been no illusions about where to move once the brand he created.

Франциско Коста и Итало Зуккелли покидают Calvin Klein
Place the new creative Director of Calvin Klein RAF Simons tipped

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