Frame house: myths and reality

Каркасные дома: мифы и реальность

Want affordable, but at the same time beautiful, eco-friendly, energy-efficient home? Then a wireframe wooden house is the solution for you .The advantages of frame construction is obvious.

Due to ease of construction panels the Foundation does not need to amplify a simple belt, which also affects the cost. The Assembly of the house takes about 3-7 days,and the house will be ready in just two months and forward to the new cosiness!

If you want to decorate the house yourself, then you can do the internal arrangement immediately after installation, as the house does not shrink. Only consult with experts, as necessary use of special films for roof frame, wall insulation better to use Rockwool, and for beams only Isover.

For roof coating it is better to choose lightweight materials(thanks to their market more than enough): metal (Viking for example) or if the roof surface is quite complicated soft tile(Shinglas for example). The roof in our weather it is better to choose easier —pitched.

All these advantages are possible thanks to a special LEGO construction when the house is built of standard panels manufactured at the factory according to the drawings. The composite part is brought into place and going as a children’s designer with a crane using a system of fasteners, which ensures reliability , rigidity and design flexibility superior block.

With the right construction of the house it warranty operation will be 30 -50 years, in practice, such structures are much longer, so this option will serve you and your grandchildren after you. During winter, the frame house will delight you with excellent insulation properties ,which is very important especially for the countries of Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden), where heating is costly and the heating season is pretty big. Another advantage of frame houses is that compared to the houses from glued beams and array it is not necessary to upgrade that comes at a good penny.

Myths about timber frame houses

Frame house will blow away with the wind

Frame houses are being built in Japan thanks to its strength characteristics, and the Japanese know a lot about hurricanes, and technology.

Frame house dear

Compared to a brick house below the cost of a frame in 2-2,5 times, the cost of luxury timber frame houses is only about$ 300 per m2.

Frame house — a thermos

Despite its excellent insulation properties, the frame house is breathing, like your breathing down, thanks to a frame made of dry wood and excellent mineral wool Rockwool.

With regard to possible condensation ,with proper insulation of walls and roof point of condensation will be outside the room, that is between the layers composed of load-bearing structures.

Frame house rots

Again we return to the construction technology and find that the frame house is made of dried panels or panels with special impregnation, the moisture evaporates due to good ventilation, as discussed previously.

So, if you have not yet decided, by the end I will say that the practice of building frame houses spread around the world and approximately 80%, and this is a record! Good luck in choosing competent and honest professionals.