Frame-awning designs — to buy or to rent?

Каркасно-тентовые конструкции — покупать или брать в аренду?

Frame and awning design is much cheaper than permanent structures identical square, but still their cost is such that in some cases it makes sense to consider not only the purchase option, and rent. Outline the basic criteria of making decision in favor of one of the two options.

Sale of temporary structures

The General principle, perhaps, is that the longer you plan to use a frame and awning structure, the more urgent his acquisition of the property. So I’ll highlight three areas of economic activity in which it makes sense to buy tents on the framework.

• Production

Production departments are created in the expectation that they will work for many years, so if the temporary building is equipped with all necessary for good year-round operation, most likely, renting costs more than owning them.

But nothing prevents for a certain trial period to use the service rent to be able to test this theory in practice and easy to perform all computations on practical material.

• Year-round markets

The owners of the markets certainly agree that renting a frame tent pavilions for equipment throughout the trade area will be unprofitable. But if a number of you want to add and again to remove from case to case — there are already possible options.

• Agriculture

This is another area where the tents on the framework should be owned by the company, and to extend their service, you can use additional structural elements such as sandwich panels.

Rent a frame tent structures

• Festive event

If you are not an event Agency and do not plan to use the services of one of them, for such events as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, children’s parties held in the warm season, there are rental tents. They can be different shapes and be made in accordance with the theme of your party.

• Fair site
Bring to market a new product and wish to assert themselves in the course of the upcoming fair? Rent and Brandywine custom shopping pavilion to provide your project a head start.

• Sport competition

For competitions that do not require huge stadiums, it is also possible to use tents to rent. But the more and longer you plan to use these designs in their work, the more arguments in favor of having to think about their purchase in the property.