Четырехлетняя дочь Ким Кардашьян покоряет мир глянца The heiress celebrities gave his first interview to a popular edition, which is touched by social media users. North answered questions from the other star children and told them about the hobby and about relationships with parents.
Четырехлетняя дочь Ким Кардашьян покоряет мир глянца

Adorable North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, which in June was four years old, has already hit the glossy magazines. Recently, the girl gave the first interview in which has told about their Hobbies, and relationships with loved ones.

It is worth noting that in the pages of the September issue of a foreign magazine Kim Kardashian appeared in the form of Jacqueline Kennedy. The is accompanied by the removal of the “New American first lady.” Charming heiress Kim and Kanye dressed in gowns of dark shades, which uliano are in harmony with clothes of her mother.

On the idea of reporters, the heiress of celebrities answered questions from the other star children – the offspring of Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears and a young actress Millie Bobby brown and his cousin Penelope, daughter of Kourtney Kardashian. In addition, the editors imagined that he could learn from North himself, Andy Warhol is an iconic figure of modern art and founder of the popular glossy magazines.

Journalists asked North as she spends time with year-old brother Saint. The girl admitted that she loves the baby. “I give him a toy truck and a big bear,” she said. According to North, close gave her the nickname “Babs” and the best friend a girl – her famous mother. The heiress star couple also talked about our favorite TV shows (“shimmer and Shine”), song (composition Kanye West “Amazing”), dresses (the girl loves the outfits purple hue) and disney princesses (Jasmine).

Conversing with cousin Penelope, North allowed her to spend the night at home with the puppy. “Of course you can!” – said the girl. The heiress of Kim Kardashian have also suggested that the relative interesting exercise is to bake a rainbow cake princesses.

Answering the questions she could ask Andy Warhol, Nost admitted that she can take care of their own nails. Purse girls you can find toys and a little makeup, which she takes with them into the Church. And speaking about favorite color, the girl told that she loves to look at the rainbow.

In addition to the North, an interview and gave her mother. Kim Kardashian, whose income is 45 million dollars a year, is developing its own line of cosmetics, is launching a mobile game dedicated to it, collaborates with leading fashion brands and never ceases to stir interest in his own person. Over the life of the stars of the reality show watched by millions of people from around the world.

“It is impossible for me to say that I work little. I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I don’t play movie. But I’m not lazy,” shared Kim.

Kardashian also admitted to Interview magazine that in the past she allowed herself too many revelations about his personal life. Now the brunette tries to keep the details secret from the public, and to rely on her beloved husband. Being a successful designer, Kanye West often helps the wife with her image and fashion brand.