Четырехлетняя дочь Кристины Орбакайте любит светскую жизнь The popular singer admits that the girl is very active and social. Christina Aguilera tries to give his successor as much as possible impressions. Claudia doesn’t like to sit in one place. The artist believes that now she only learns the nature of the baby.

      Четырехлетняя дочь Кристины Орбакайте любит светскую жизнь

      Four years ago a popular singer Kristina Orbakaite gave birth to a third child from her husband Mikhail Zemtsov. Parents loved their children and try to spend more time together. Kristina strives to give the girl as much as possible bright impressions – in Moscow, they love going to various shows and interesting performances.

      “She likes to hang out. Her first question when we pick her up from daycare: “We’re not home?” “No, home.” – “Why?!” She likes to communicate with children, to play, to learn something, she always wants somewhere to go, to go, she can not sit still,” says Christina about her daughter.

      The singer encourages little Claudia to be comprehensively developed the child. The actress even starred with her daughter in the clip. The girl understands, as a working mother – because she was backstage at her concerts. Kristina takes sometimes even the heir on the tour with you. But Aguilera admits that she is now a lot easier to communicate with the baby, when she moves to work in other cities and countries than before. Thanks to modern technology she can not only hear, but to see Claudia.

      Husband Aguilera spends time with the baby and trying to entertain her. But Cristina admitted that she is more strict than her husband.

      “Mike is a great father. The clave with him, of course, like to indulge in: you can Tinker, to jump, to play catch-up. Especially big daddy, it is possible to climb. Sometimes I even have to nag Mike, ‘ cause he fills up my parenting. Klawock strong character, so we need it to be strict… in moderation. I, of course, more demanding, yet a large experience with children. Most importantly, it needs the rigor – not anger, not a tantrum,” admitted Christina “StarHit”.

      Eldest sons of Aguilera are pretty much adults. Nikita is now 25 years old, and Denis – 18. Honoured artist of Russia believes that the nature of the sons she knows well, but with my daughter while is different.

      “With Klavochka we are still just getting to know each other. As long as the child in the cradle, you can still raise, and when he gets up, begins to speak, to know this world is all too late, and already it is unclear who brings up,” admits Aguilera in an interview with Hello.

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