Four sea: what has faced the stars, linking life with foreigners

За четыре моря: с чем столкнулись звезды, связавшие жизнь с иностранцами Some celebrities have successfully created a family with representatives of other nationalities. The couple said “StarHit” how they managed to reach an understanding. Dmitri Hvorostovsky taught my wife to swear, Ekaterina Andreeva learned the value of words Serbian and Slovenian husband of Lena Katina loved the dumplings.
За четыре моря: с чем столкнулись звезды, связавшие жизнь с иностранцами

Husband of Joan Agalakova throws the bread, and the wife of Eugene papunaishvili does not allow to pay for itself. “StarHit” learned what nuances had to face the stars, linking life with foreigners.

Dinner is served!

Wife of Eugene papunaishvili learned for him Russkii language.

The choreographer and his wife, Italian Salim, together about a year, but has already married. “Our first date was via Google-translator, – says 35-year-old Eugene “StarHit”. – Then Salim quickly mastered the Russian language, and I’m Italian I can’t say very well so far. Barrier between us, but there’s another thing: favorite after dinner at the restaurant reaching for the wallet. For European women to pay for itself – the norm, the men attempt to close the account completely, even insulting. For me it is unacceptable when Salem wants to contribute. The first time was constantly telling her that will not allow this, but habit is habit: sometimes the wife forgets the deal. However, this is minor. But what a comfort she has created in my bachelor apartment, where before I met my future wife I was in no hurry to return. Now I’m flying every night knowing that there are delicious smells and beautifully set table is waiting for”.

In short

Dmitri Hvorostovsky has helped the companion to master the jargon

За четыре моря: с чем столкнулись звезды, связавшие жизнь с иностранцами

Opera singer 16 years married to Italian Swiss origin Florence. “I remember Dima after the collapse of his first marriage: he was depressed, confused, says “StarHit” a friend of the couple Pavel Antonov. Then I met Plochu and became a different person – happy, with a glint in his eyes. Dima was struck by how generous his favorite woman, accustomed to take care of, to protect. They have so many years together, and still all the time holding hands, even when no one is watching.

But for all the idyllic pair is in their room for humour and mischief. Remember, a few months after the wedding came to visit them. Steel Flosey fooling around. I tell her: that you’re Floska-potatoes. And she said, “And you – Pasha-turd!” And how then to be called not Russian, and Italian?”


Ekaterina Andreeva confused by the generous wife

За четыре моря: с чем столкнулись звезды, связавшие жизнь с иностранцами

Leading the program “Time” married to a Serbian businessman Dusan Petrovichem. “In the first years of life couldn’t get used to the peculiarities of his language, – says Ekaterina “StarHit”. – Many words in Russian and Serbian sound the same but mean different things. Once we were watching “Love at first sight”. “She has such beautiful buttocks!” told husband about one of the participants, and I was stunned: that is because the nerve! And he explained that the buttocks with a Serbian – it’s cheeks. Also I am surprised by his generosity. Somehow celebrating my birthday, it was made by Gypsies. And when they sang something in Serbian, my husband was so deeply moved that began to dance, on the move, removing from the hands of a gold watch, and I wanted to give the soloist. Well, I almost caught on the fly. If not for the ingenuity of Russian wives, I would have left suprugi clock”.

Know our

Laziness makes Katina loved to ride the subway

За четыре моря: с чем столкнулись звезды, связавшие жизнь с иностранцами

The ex-soloist of “Tatu” Lena Katina four years married to a Slovenian musician Sasho the Palacio. “When my husband first visited Russia, we are faced with the fact that he doesn’t want to ride the subway – says 32-year-old Katina “StarHit”. – Used to move cars, and it cost me considerable effort to explain to him that in Moscow, it is inconvenient transportation. There was another difficulty. On some of our products there is no translation even in English, so at first my husband was confused – for example, bringing home yogurt instead of milk. In General, for years together we have learned a lot from each other. Thanks Russian wife SASO loved the dumplings and the meat hodgepodge, and has given me a lot in terms of the profession.”

On all hands

Jeanne Agalakova invents for her husband’s new dishes

За четыре моря: с чем столкнулись звезды, связавшие жизнь с иностранцами

The special correspondent “the First channel” in new York since 1991 in the relations with the Italian physicist Giorgio Savona.

“Our wedding surprised many of her husband’s friends, says 52-year-old Jeanne “StarHit”. They could not understand, why drink champagne from her shoes. Also does not fit in the head Giorgio habit to sit down on the track. I was horrified by how lightly the Italians refer to food – throw away yesterday’s bread and food. But over time, taught the husband to respect food, and the bread I now make crackers. And we came up with a dish that is loved home. I soak dry bread in milk, put it in a container for baking, sprinkle cheese, tomato halves and drizzled with olive oil. Yum!”