Four scandalous stories from the life of Megan Fox

Четыре скандальные истории из жизни Меган Фокс
Accidents, scandalous antics and other interesting stories related to an actress, which today is 30 years.

At the age of 14 was caught stealing cosmetics from a supermarket

Четыре скандальные истории из жизни Меган Фокс

Megan Fox


When Megan Fox was still a teenager, she landed in the court
on charges of theft. Future star tried to take out one
supermarket Wal-Mart beauty products brand sisters Mary-Kate and
Ashley Olsen. Due to security cameras the security staff saw the girl
hiding cosmetics in my bag, and detained her.

The court ordered Fox to recover the full cost of cosmetic
funds that she tried to kidnap. In addition, the future actress was forbidden to make purchases
networks Wal-Mart. As punishment, the girl was offered two options:
either she had three days to stand at the entrance to the supermarket with a sign on which was
the inscription “I stole
goods from Wal-Mart
“, or to pack Christmas gifts.

It is not surprising that Megan chose the second option. After
three days of “correctional work” the girl let go, saying goodbye, that if she would come to him again, then arrest her. For his life more so the Fox never visited
supermarkets of this network. “I even
don’t know whether
this lifetime ban. At that
the time I was 14-15 years old. Very foolish face, — years later
admitted Fox.

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  • Четыре скандальные истории из жизни Меган Фокс
    Megan Fox

  • Четыре скандальные истории из жизни Меган Фокс
    Brian Austin Green


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Четыре скандальные истории из жизни Меган Фокс

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    16.05.2016 | 16:54

    Beautiful and scandalous!


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    16.05.2016 | 17:32

    To plastics in General she was a girl with a very ordinary appearance. And the scandal of the divorce, apparently, just a common advertising.


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