Стала известна тайна рождения дочери Марины Зудиной и Олега Табакова
The couple have been through a lot to Masha was born.

Oleg Tabakov with wife Marina Suginoi and daughter Masha

Photo: Philip Potters. The Marina shirt and EMILIO PUCCI pants, clip-on earrings and bracelet by Oscar de la Renta, Mary’s dress Diesel

Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina got married in 1995, after six months, the actress gave it to his beloved wife of son Paul. Despite the fact that in the first marriage Oleg Pavlovich was the daughter and the son, he dreamed about another daughter that would be similar to your favorite Marina. Only the couple failed to conceive another child.

As they say in the close environment of the actor’s family have both passed the medical examination which did not reveal any real reason why pregnancy does not occur. Zudina blamed myself. She was sure that this was her punishment for an abortion from Oleg Pavlovich. Then their romance was just beginning, and, as she told the actress in an interview on TV, she “was still immature and could not take responsibility for the baby.”

That is why Marina Vyacheslavovna decided to go to the famous witch. She performed the ceremony, which she said will help the star of theatre and film once again experience the joy of motherhood. Only in order for this to happen, you need to write two new portraits Tabakov and Suginoi and hang them in the bedroom.

Oleg Pavlovich didn’t have time to pose for the artist, so it wrote a portrait with photos.

“We sent to Oleg Pavlovichu our photographer who first photographed Tabakov, — said the wife of the artist Dmitry Karpukhin “KP”. And then on the picture, Dmitry wrote portrait. I think this is the best portrait of the master. Image Suginoi happened, in my opinion, not so well. We got paid, if I’m not mistaken, a little more than 50 thousand rubles for each picture size 50×60 cm.”

And the next year after the portraits took pride of place in the room of the star couple, was born the Mary Tabakov. Friends of the family, by the way, heard this story, however, assume that it’s just a family legend.