Найдены фильтры Instagram, которые используют в депрессии

Now on the account in the microblog, it is possible to determine not only the Hobbies and preferences of the user, but also his mental health.

Experts from Harvard and Vermont universities, examining more than 43 thousand of photographs from 166 users, have come to the conclusion that depressed people use the same filters in photo processing.

Найдены фильтры Instagram, которые используют в депрессииThe photo, which could put in a Instagram person with depression
The photo, which could upload to Instagram people in a good mood

In an article published on the website arXiv.org says that disaffected people often post black and white pictures to the filter processing Inkwell. Also in their profile is dominated by publications in cyan, blue and other cool colors.

At the same time, users in a good mood more like the Valencia filter that makes the picture more warm.

This strange arithmetic. According to scientists minds or not – a private matter. For example, we wonder: users who, while on vacation, publishing a photo of the sea (and it is blue!) too, are in a bad mood?

Experts also noted that users who regularly upload your selfies, too, suffer from mental illness. But that’s another story, which we talked about many times. Read more HERE.

Earlier, American scientists stated that the self destroys love. The researchers conducted a survey of 420 social network users aged 18 to 62 years and learned that those on the pages were a lot of “sebacic”, more often separated from their partners and had difficulty in relationships. Most often, the gap with the second half happened because of jealousy. Read HERE.

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