Нашла «папочку»: мужчина Эшли Олсен старше ее на 30 лет

The actress fell in love with a man enough to be her father.

Most recently, Ashley broke up with Director of the film “the Hunter on Fox” Bennett Miller. He traded the beauty of the other famous blonde Sienna Miller. The girl was not sad one and found a new adult groom.

Нашла «папочку»: мужчина Эшли Олсен старше ее на 30 лет

If Bennett was older than Olsen for 19 years, with her new lover – American artist George Condo the age difference even more.

Ashley 30 years old, and George as much as 59! He’s only 10 years younger than the father of the actress – banker David Olsen and principle male good girl not grooms, but rather daddy. Especially because he has a daughter Eleanor, who is the same age as Ashley.

But glamorous blonde apparently do not mind the gap in numbers. Recently she was spotted in one of the expensive restaurants in new York city on a date with a Condo. The girl looked very happy.

Fans of Olsen, meanwhile, is perplexed. Is she actually in love? This is certainly possible, but…most are inclined to believe that Ashley is just trying to spite a former lover, who left her for 34-year-old Sienna Miller.

The girl can not believe in the fact that he dumped her, Curling an affair with a wealthy artist, trying to cause jealousy in Bennett and to prove to him that she was not bored.

While that is not very good.

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