Found another unknown relative of Spartaka Mishulina!

Найден еще один неизвестный родственник Спартака Мишулина!
The grandson of the legendary actor lives in Tver.

Eduard Sorokin

While the family Spartaka Mishulina ascertain whether he had an illegitimate son, we found in Kharkiv has a second contender!

you know, in Moscow there is a family court Spartaka Mishulina Timur Yeremeyev,
who is convinced is the illegitimate son of the famous “Carlson”.
Programs devoted to this subject, one after another out
Central television. Recall that it all began with the publication
Eremeeva in “Caravan of stories”.

Imagine how we were amazed, reading
the message of the inhabitant of Tver, where she told us that Spartacus
Mishulina had an illegitimate son, this time recognized them officially: the artist
is the father on the birth certificate. The story is very sad. When Mishulin played in the Kalinin (then Tver) theater, he had
affair with a lovely young ballerina Alexandra Sorokina. A son was born
Volodya. But when the child was only three years old, Mishulin went to another
the city, Alexander and his son to stay in Tver. They corresponded, Spartacus
paid child support, but her son had not seen. He had started a completely different star life. And Sasha Sorokina life, on the contrary, rolled

She broke her leg and was unable to dance on stage. Not
survive the parting with the beloved man and beloved profession, she
drunk and died. Tragic happened and the fate of their son. Vladimir
without proper supervision grew up a bully, began to drink, in a drunken brawl, killed
wife, catching her with her lover and landed in jail. Where he died. Have
he left a son Edward, roderica in 1973. That is, Edward
Vladimirovich Sorokin is a direct descendant of Spartaka Mishulina, it
the grandson!