Found another possible cause of the death of Dmitry Marjanova

Найдена еще одна возможная причина смерти Дмитрия Марьянова
In the blood of the deceased actor found alcohol.

Dmitry Maryanov

Photo: TASS

Five days ago, the Network appeared shocking news: dead Dmitry Maryanov. The actor passed away at 47 years old.

Still not announced the official cause of death Maryanova. As you know, a long time actor struggled with alcohol addiction, was in several clinics. Previously, doctors were called different possible causes, among them acute heart failure, severe withdrawal symptoms (alcohol withdrawal syndrome) which can lead to swelling of the brain. But the basic version is now considered the removal of a blood clot.

Now doctors have no doubt in the latest version. The fact that in the blood of Dmitry Marjanova was found alcohol. A small dose of 0.32 ppm. On average, if a man of age and physique of the actor drank 50 grams of vodka, then half an hour later his blood would have been approximately the alcohol content. It is very small and absolutely not harmful to a healthy person. But not someone who has problems with blood clotting and formation of thrombi in blood vessels. Under certain circumstances, as reported by physicians, it can be deadly: alcohol dilates blood vessels and causes a blood clot separation.

Recall, October 15, Dmitry Marjanova became ill in the car on the highway near the town of Lobnya. Were with him in the car, the friends stopped at a traffic police post and escorted by police went to the hospital, where he died after a short time.

Also, as it became known, in just a few days before his death, the actor was discharged from the hospital, where once again he was treated from alcoholism. Chief physician of the private medical institutions have already questioned in the Investigation Committee. Upon inspection it was found that no drugs Maryanov recently was not accepted. It provided the only psychological help.