Found a new performer of the role of James bond

Найден новый исполнитель роли Джеймса Бонда
Daniel Craig no longer wants to be 007.

Найден новый исполнитель роли Джеймса Бонда

Tom Hiddleston

Photo: Splash News/East news

that Daniel Craig may not return to the set
the next film “James bond”, go for a long time. But recently, as reported by the publication “Daily Mail” good
informed about the Affairs in the Hollywood film industry source, Craig made the final
solution. He no longer wishes to play agent 007 for any money! And his place
have to take a new actor, which is claimed to become the British Tom

last year, shortly after the premiere last date of the movie
movie series — “Spectrum”, Craig allowed himself a not-too-correct statement. “I
rather cut my wrists than be back to play bond!” he said. However, later, Daniel spoke
less clearly: he said that if I agreed to play again agent
007, just a lot of money.

considered the claims of the actor more than indiscreet. Because Craig already had
being the most expensive bond in history. For “Spectrum” he has got mind-blowing
amount — $ 60 million. Of these, 24 million — as
fee, 7 he was paid for participation in an advertising company and another 30 million
he got under contract as a percent of the money received from
rent the movie.

interesting that the producers still tried to seduce Craig, promising him as many as 76 million in royalties, if he
agree to star in the next two movies. But, to their disappointment, Daniel,
upon reflection, declined.

last week it became known that James bond producer Barbara Broccoli and
Director Sam Mendes met with which became extremely fashionable in Hollywood in the last
time actor Tom Hiddleston. And, according to, in the near future maybe
to be signed contract. Incidentally, before the creators of the movie series
took into consideration the candidature of Hiddleston, about his desire to play bond
said a lot of actors: Tom hardy and Damien Lewis, and even the player
David Beckham…

Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci in the movie “007: Spectrum”


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