“Fort Boyard”, “Love at first sight” or “finest hour” – what the show will be back on the air?

«Форт Боярд», «Любовь с первого взгляда» или «Звездный час» - какое шоу вернется в эфир? The elder Fura, Tanuska-cinemusica and the Mask of revelation, these heroes knew every second in our country. We summed up the results of the survey and introduce you to the brightest transmission, missing screens.
«Форт Боярд», «Любовь с первого взгляда» или «Звездный час» - какое шоу вернется в эфир?

1st place – “Fort Boyard”

Premiere in Russia – 27 Sep 1998

The first host of the show was Leonid Parfenov, he helped Elena Hanga. “I remember shooting test – jump from a cliff into the sea, – says Elena “StarHit”. – First stunt was performed by British. She fear’d cry, then she was sick – and so about half an hour. In the end, we almost overthrown. From Russia Marianna Maksimovskaya. I got in and immediately leaped down. Emerged, and she’s organizers shouted: “Madam, are you crazy?” She replied: “So the job is…” Those upset look: “Where is the crying on camera?” Marianne smiled: “I Leonid Parfenov said jump, and his words are not discussed!”

2nd place – “Love at first sight”

«Форт Боярд», «Любовь с первого взгляда» или «Звездный час» - какое шоу вернется в эфир?

Premiere: 12 January 1991

“They pay us the medium, says Dmitry Mishin operator. For a month I was making about 120-150 rubles. But it was fun. If you remember, under the rules of the show on the set there were three girls and three boys, they didn’t see each other, could only ask questions to find out interests, goals in life… When you realize who matters to them, makes a choice and the match went to a restaurant. Once the hero blindly agreed, and seeing her, cried live: “I’m not going with her!” We then the girl whole team calmed. Now such a Frank and emotional small projects. A solid policy! I think if the program will reappear, gonna be great for ratings”.

3rd place – “finest hour”

«Форт Боярд», «Любовь с первого взгляда» или «Звездный час» - какое шоу вернется в эфир?

Premiere – 19 October 1992

The legendary Sergei Suponev not immediately sworn in as the presenter of the program, before him, this role belonged to Alexey Yakubov: “Amusing incidents were many. Remember, once presented the gifts – hours of the Japanese brand. Then I just started to learn the language of this country. In front of the camera say: “That you watch “Citizen”!” And stood next to Vlad Leaves, the project Manager. After hearing my speech, he even face changed. Turned around: “we Need to talk – “C-T-A-a-a-ZEN”. I was embarrassed, barely squeezed out of himself: “Sorry! Always read”.

One issue I have received $500, it was thought that this small amount of serious money we’d only planned to earn.”

The widow of a leading Sergei Suponev preparing for the wedding

4th place – “OSP-Studio”

«Форт Боярд», «Любовь с первого взгляда» или «Звездный час» - какое шоу вернется в эфир?

Premiere – 14 December 1996

“We worked on the principle of “work should be fun”! When I came to feel, understand: it’s time to go, says Michael Schatz. A lot has toured with productions of “swaps” in January after a speech in Cyprus, arrived in Norilsk. Temperature drop from +15 to – 40 felt immediately. Because of this, in the middle of the room directly in front of the spectators happens to be the case. Pavel Kabanov, who played the Clara Zakharovna, as expected according to the script, lays on the couch. Tanya Lazareva tells him the replica, and he’s not responding. Takes five seconds, silence. Looked at Paschke, and he fell asleep. Tanya did not panic. Beside her stood a pan of potatoes. She took one and threw. He immediately jumped up!”

5 place – “I and my dog”

«Форт Боярд», «Любовь с первого взгляда» или «Звездный час» - какое шоу вернется в эфир?

Premiere – April 16, 1995

“Wags,” the team called me a dog-the Phaser, the father of the dogs, – says the “StarHit” leading Michael Shirvindt. – By the way, for the first time after the start of the project, the audience could not remember my name. Then the sponsor was a well-known food. So I often heard the following: “Oh, it is, Royal Canin!” And someone even shouted: “Look, the dog show went!”

A few years later everything changed, one journalist once asked: “Tell me, you dogs still on the street do not know?” Transfer lived his dog’s life in 10 years. In the end I myself no longer had the drive to learn, sit down Dachshund named bubbles on his hind legs or not. But the authorities did not agree to find a replacement, so it is covered”.

6th place – “Doll”

«Форт Боярд», «Любовь с первого взгляда» или «Звездный час» - какое шоу вернется в эфир?

Premiere – 1994

“A few years ago at a concert of ballet stars, I met with John Tefft, U.S. Ambassador – says Mykhailo Hrushevsky. – He asked: “You in the “Dolls” spoke in different voices. Can parodied Yeltsin?” Didn’t think that I know the foreigners. I was joking on some political topic with the voice of Boris, the Ambassador liked it. If you run such a show today, you need to bring it to the international level. Heroes should be trump, macron, Merkel. But as practice shows, the program still closes. Remember the same “Multlichnosti”.

7th place – “Morning star”

«Форт Боярд», «Любовь с первого взгляда» или «Звездный час» - какое шоу вернется в эфир?

Prime Minister – 7 March 1991

“Should I return the program? Difficult question, – says Yuri Nikolaev, its permanent host. – Now a lot of good children’s shows on different channels. For example, the same “Voice”. “Morning star” simply lost among them. And then we closed it, because she outlived her, although it gave the stage Ani Lorak, Sergey Lazarev, Yulia Nachalova and many more names. All twelve years of salary as such I was not. After all, did the program itself, respectively, sold to the TV is also me.”

8 – “Sex with Anfisa Chekhova”

«Форт Боярд», «Любовь с первого взгляда» или «Звездный час» - какое шоу вернется в эфир?

Premiere – 2005

“Many people still judge me on this show – says Anfisa. But all has changed, I’m a caring mother and a successful businesswoman.

Once we were at the same time the correspondent and the heroine for the story “I refuse to shave my body.” For the job said the girl from the “news” program, at the appointed time he came to the interview. But it was mistakenly sent to the room where tested “overgrown” women. There asked: “shave your Armpits? What about my legs?” It is not confused by the question, blurted out: “Yes!” So tortured her for a few minutes. From the office of the journalist departed with the words: “I never knew you have such requirements!”

9th place – “16 and older”

«Форт Боярд», «Любовь с первого взгляда» или «Звездный час» - какое шоу вернется в эфир?

Premiere – 18 October 1983

“This show has been educational, now there are none. All children are obsessed with gadgets, and a monkey can understand, says Director Tamara Pavlyuchenko. – From “16 and older” I learned a lot. Somehow the guys from the band “car-man” taught songs. One was a line: “Kids-pencils stoned…” I was just on the briefing realized: “kids”, “pencil”, “Nakuru” – these words guys know what means the last, I decided to look in the dictionary and was very surprised”.

10th place – “My family”

World premiere: 25 Jul 1996

“We have always received letters of thanks, – said a leading Valery Komissarov in an interview. The audience wrote: “I Looked you and thoughts of divorce were gone. Hugged, kissed, now all is well!” I also learned that half of the marriages fail because of a bad relationship sister-in-law and mother-in-law. So after the wedding, their ladies said, “I am against the ultimatum: choose me or her! If it comes to it, you’ll ruin your relationship in the first place with me!” After these words in the family harmony”.