Former”manufacturer” Yuri Titov ready to raise children, Roma Zhukov

Экс-«фабрикант» Юрий Титов готов воспитывать детей Ромы Жукова The singer did not refuse to help a friend. Yuri Titov rushed to protect Elena and took her side in the conflict with the Roma Zhukov. The couple intend to divorce and make plans for the future without each other.
Экс-«фабрикант» Юрий Титов готов воспитывать детей Ромы Жукова

Recently became aware of the difficult situation of Roma Zhukov. His family seemed perfect – a beautiful wife Helen, six children. However, it turned out that between the spouses for a long time, a conflict was brewing. A year ago, the artist went to Sochi, where he started a new business. Now in his own Affairs, and the wife herself to cope with everyday problems. Wife Roma Zhukov ready to ditch my kids and go to the United States

As it turned out, Helena is the patron party for the fourth season of the project “factory of stars” Yury Titov. The man came to the Studio for the programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” to speak out in support of friend. He said that he knows the wife Roma for a couple of years. He was accused that he is the lover of the woman, but the artist did not specify what his relationship with Elena.

When talking about divorce Zhukov, Titov expressed a willingness to help with raising children colleagues on the stage.

“If I have to, I will,” said Titov. After these words, Roma stood up to shake hands and hug Yuri.
Экс-«фабрикант» Юрий Титов готов воспитывать детей Ромы Жукова

Roma Zhukov after a possible divorce is also planning to start a new life. He carefully monitors their appearance. He is now 51 years old, artist visits to cosmetic salons in order to look fresh. He thinks he can easily find a new life partner twice his age. By the way, when I first met Elena he was 36 and she was 21.

“It is unlikely I will choose a girl over. 25, I think, at the time,” – says Roman on the procedures.
Экс-«фабрикант» Юрий Титов готов воспитывать детей Ромы Жукова

Elena admitted that she does not hurt them, and she’s easily willing to let her husband go into a new happy life.

Mom Yuri Titov Janna also appeared in the Studio. However, according to women, the divorce of a friend of her son will not.

“Listening backstage, I want to say. I look at the Novel, handsome man. He’s a tank, and Lena is a flower in the tank. Lena, like a helpless flower, now torn, trampled, and said to her: flowers, smell great,” says the mother of the artist.

However, the experts in the Studio suggested that Joan’s just saying that her son is not married to the mother of many children. The Studio came one of the sons of Zhukov Nikita. He told about his dream to become a singer and to grow in a full family.

“In the summer two months living with my dad and his friend Roman. I like here and there. I wish they were together,” said the boy.