Former wife of Eugene Tsyganov put on the stage all his children

Бывшая жена Евгения Цыганова вывела на сцену всех его детей Talking about rare video that captures the ex-wife of popular actor Irina Leonova and their seven children. Internet users noticed that successors like the Pope, and supported the mother of many children.
Бывшая жена Евгения Цыганова вывела на сцену всех его детей

Actors Yevgeny Tsyganov and Irina Leonova met on the set of the film “children of the Arbat” in 2004. Young people quickly gathered and began to live as husband and wife, although never formalized their relationship. The couple had seven children – daughter Pauline, Sophia and Faith, and sons Nikita, Andrew, Alexander and George. Tsyganov has admitted that once said Irina: it is necessary to give birth, and not to make a career. Irina herself once admitted that they are marrying from the beginning wanted a large family and wanted to live together until old age.

The rumors that in 2005, just after her eldest daughters, young people married and were not confirmed. And in 2015, Eugene left a pregnant seventh child of the civil wife Irina Leonov. It soon became known that the reason was another woman. Popular actor began living with actress Yulia Snigir, who on 9 March 2016, gave birth to his eighth child, a son Theodore.

And Eugene and Irina do not like to talk about his private life, rarely giving interviews. Appear in public only if absolutely necessary.

Recently, Irina has performed on stage of the Concert hall. Tchaikovsky. Actress and all of her seven children, including very little else daughter Faith will soon be two years, sang “Lullaby”. Video got to the Network, and immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Бывшая жена Евгения Цыганова вывела на сцену всех его детей

Internet users expressed their admiration not only lyrical performance, gentle voice actress, but most of Irina as a mother of many children. In their review they supported Leonov and wished her happiness.

“Irina, you are a beautiful woman, you are a woman, you’re the mother of seven children, but you are so beautiful! I didn’t expect that you have such an interesting voice and performance – it is called lies, for the soul! I wish you interesting and right man, a big house, success in the work that you will get a prestigious film and theater, just Shine!”

“Ira, you’re a big lad! Health, strength, patience, courage, work, more, money, that was enough for your large family. Children, be proud of your mom! Ira, a talented actress and singer, I bow to you”.

It should be noted that many mothers are admired not only by outsiders, but the people who know her. Actress Maria Poroshina, for example, said that simply amazed how skillfully cope Irina Leonova with all his children.

Poroshina told, as a living ex-spouse.

“Ira, like Octopussy, manages to improve every clothes, comb. And quietly, clearly, as a radar grabs from all this noise really necessary information. But the Ira successfully works: plays at the Maly theater!” – said Maria.

When the father of seven children Yevgeny Tsyganov left Irina, she was very upset by the betrayal. Told the family that Jack failed her, and to have in the direction of even one child, with seven, was called “absolutely irresponsible”. In difficult times supported her family, including brother Vladimir, living in the home for Actresses Tallinn, which was more often in Moscow. In an interview with “StarHit” he said that no matter what, Irene continues to live and to look hopefully into the future.

Native Tsyganov turned away from him because of the baby Snigir

“Ira’s not one to give up. She planned to play, play theater, to raise children. Soon the senior has become a mainstay for my mom. Her family left. Even though we live in different countries, try to support. In that year I came to visit – used to babysit his nephews, brought gifts. Parents in Moscow are the grandchildren sit. Our mom and dad, of course, the first time turned away from Tsyganova. But sometimes you have to communicate, he is the father of the children… And they are back to the birth – judge it, judge not” – said the brother of Irina Leonova.

Irina Leonova returned to active work in the past year, she plays a lot of native Small theatre, teaches acting. From four-room apartment where she lived together with Yevgeny Tsyganov and children, the actress has moved – here, everything reminds her of a former civil husband.

Tsyganov who is happy with Yulia Snigir, continues actively to act. The actor supports financially all his children and quite often communicates with them, takes part in their upbringing, as he himself admitted in a recent interview with TV channel “Rain”.

“Sometimes you have to impose on the child, ask: “what sound will we paint?” I’m hard to experience violence and are unable children to something there… Maybe that’s my problem. I can’t be quite strict dad who will be their somewhere to push, pull and so on. I’m talking, we’re trying to negotiate. Sometimes the feeling that you do not really perceive, but always hope that emotionally you get!”