Former producer Lolita accused her of dirty PR

Бывший продюсер Лолиты обвинила ее в грязном пиаре Elena Kiper intends to continue to fight with the singer in court. According to the young woman, Lolita insulted her honor, and must suffer punishment for it. Also, the ex-girlfriend of the singer said that the whole story could just be a PR move.
Бывший продюсер Лолиты обвинила ее в грязном пиаре

For more than a year, the singer Lolita is at war with a former producer Elena Kiper. The actress is confident that the ex-friend lied to her, not paying six million dollars for royalties. Because the parties are unable to reach agreement on their own, they had to go to court.

Lolita recently lost a regular meeting, but to stop it is not going. Artist requires to block access to Internet resources, which are her songs “Titanic”, “You are my sea” and “a Miracle”. But the Keeper wants to encourage the star to task for the blatant insult.

According to Elena, this whole situation may be just sneer Lolita, designed to draw attention to it.

“Songs of Lolita is not so popular at the moment. Reason to consider any lost profits, no. I can say that if there is a PR, it’s not my PR, but PR Lolita with malicious intent towards another person,” – said Kipper.

The producer claims that it failed to earn a lot of collaboration with Lolita. However, the Keeper continued to support the artist largely because of their friendly relations. Now, however, about any friendship of speech could not be. The fact that the offensive words of the star was very hurt by Elena.

The lolita is necessary not only to attend court proceedings, but also to solve personal problems. The fact that the star can not enter the territory of Ukraine, where her daughter lives. The heiress Milavskaya to take place the prom, and her famous mother has complained that without the opportunity to attend the event.

“Today, my beloved daughter was rehearsal for graduation! I can only get photos and video of how it will happen. How sorry I am! My beloved, I’m still around. Though tears are falling,” wrote the actress on Instagram.

Fans are trying to support the star at such a difficult time. They believe that Lolita would be able to overcome all the problems encountered on her life’s journey.

But the lawyers of Elena Kiper assured that they can expect a lot more litigation. Recently Lolita she appeared in court, where all ways trying to defend their point of view. “Usually the artists are trying not to go there, to not expose yourself to stress. Lolita the first thing suggested to do in court is to sing. The judge asked her politely not to do it. Then the singer began to explain the details of the case, in my opinion, following the work of a lawyer”, – said the lawyer of ex-producer star.

Dealing with “Sobesednik” Elena Kiper noted that she is much grateful to lolita. However, after everything that happened on the peaceful settlement of the conflict cannot be considered.

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