Former mother-in-law wife of Ivan Krasko revealed her dark past

Бывшая свекровь супруги Ивана Краско раскрыла ее темное прошлое Natalia Shevel she destroyed the marriage. According to mum of the former husband of actress Tatiana Gennadievna, the girl cheated on the wife and used to throw tantrums. After three years of marriage the couple broke up.
Бывшая свекровь супруги Ивана Краско раскрыла ее темное прошлое

Three years ago, people’s artist Ivan Krasko married the young artist Natalia Shevel. With a wary marriage of celebrity because of the enormous difference in age is 60 years. But the lovers argue that the feeling between them sincere. However, recently a couple of frequent various talk shows, where they discuss the details of their personal lives and complicated relationships of the actor’s ex-wives. This time they appeared in the Studio program “Let them talk”. Wife of Ivan Krasko made his children from a previous marriage to undergo a DNA test

For the 27-year-old Natalia married Ivan Ivanovich was the second. The first time she got married in 19 years for the Novel Moving. Despite the fact that she had married a marriage, the actress did not stop the divorce. Mother ex-husband girl came to the Studio to talk about the reasons of rupture of relations of her son and daughter-in-law.

“After living together for three years, they parted, – said Tatiana Shevel and explained that was the end of the marriage. – The betrayal of Natalie, Natasha began to walk, it’s true.”
Бывшая свекровь супруги Ивана Краско раскрыла ее темное прошлое

Krasko was amazed at such a statement women, and accusations that she wanted to take the opportunity of the Novel to move from Crimea to Saint Petersburg. She was upset that former mother-in-law tells the details of her personal life, but somehow only deepened at the memories.

“Do not lie, otherwise I will say something for which I would be ashamed. I remember this marriage every day. To say that crazy happiness when we lived in the same room? There was one sofa, a second sofa, a Desk and a wall, and you, Tatiana, said I was a freak even back where he took it,” – said Natalia.
Бывшая свекровь супруги Ивана Краско раскрыла ее темное прошлое

However, the woman had a daughter, bought her things and shelter themselves. “I have nowhere to even run it. Your Roman said: “I am ashamed for you to meet my mother,” said the wife paint.

T. G. remembered that her son and former daughter-in-law there are often disputes over the three years of marriage. According to her, Natalia was jealous of the Novel. Wife of Ivan Krasko admitted that he believes former mother-in-law almost an alcoholic who took out loans that had to be close to her son.